The Death Thread


Seelpit, the only person insane enough to take screenshots during Oryx’s Sun and Dance phases.


A fingerlength away, really.


@Reconking @Deliliah They kinda buffed that phase…

Can’t stand still with oryx not dead!


Bad SS unfortunatly


well rip 2nd 8/8

special thanks to the people who screenshotted my grave by request

grave screenshots (3)



Lol this makes it better but rippp


Even the oldest characters fall u_u
Dance phase with stuff pressed against the wall. Unfortunately, I couldn’t maneuvre myself well enough to dodge it all, and before I knew it, a small frame skip, and I was dead.
Well…time to rebuild, isn’t it?

Good night, my cloud Wizard.


Didn’t pay attention to cru in trick death and didn’t even notice I was right where tower spawned for warrior. Could care less about trickster but that warrior… I fucking loved that warrior and played so fucking much for that pump jugg and ice crown. Gonna take a while for me to recover from that…



Rip my best ever char ;-;


Omni ppe :frowning:


why does all the ppes die to colo rock? its like a tradition almost


@Diamondest (pro move)




you try to not die at level 4 to a crusade drag


8/8 wizzy and 8/8 knight in one hour
Knight: 3.5k base, lh tops, pixie, silex’s hammer, shield of flowing clarity, rainbow sword, resu, spiteful scutum, valentines day reskin ubhp. Stun didn’t register on 02
Wizzy: 2.5k base, reskin ep, winter reskin robe, nile, jadestorm, sunspell, sunstaff, thicket staff, thicket spell. Texting at a Lich, worst idea ever.

May they rest in peace :frowning:


Tried to do a samurai ppe. Failed all times. Said fuck it, no more ppes and tried to level up samurai in godlands. Lost a deca and ut waki. Don’t feel like playing on a samurai for a while


Bro dont try to lvl in glands unless u ahve someone helping you. And don’t bring good items into glands if you arent lvl 20, regardless of whether or not you have helpers.


Like triforce said, don’t bring valuables to godlands early leveling, unless you are completely confident and have a good pet.


Another exception is if you used a maxing candy to max your def/life etc., but overall stay away from glands until at least level 15.