The Death Thread



Got drunk at a new years party and ripped on my beloved knight, moments later decided to kill everything. Dont realm and drink…


So this is the end?


i think so bro :c sad but after 5 years it looks like its my time to leave the game


Bye tho, hope you enjoy life without realm! Happy New Years and gl to you!




git gud pleb.(actually white star so not pleb. idk)


From a couple days ago, the Closed Realm chest was in a large god mess.
I managed to get out but @Skandling wasn’t so lucky. RIP.

And two older ones that missed being uploaded:
@Logind (November) at the Castle wall break. Needs more assassins in this castle. This was during the Pumpkin O2 event.

@Strakacide (October) during an MTemple event.


No worries. I needed the fame to use up the feed power items I collected over Xmas. Ty for posting it tho.


@Nartwal Decided on a lava bath or two…

@UtaleTrash @Godslayyin Guardians can be tricky


Gonna edit this post a whole lot, cleaning out my folder a bit.

[@]OhhGogo Shotgunned by the spookiest boi.

[@]Flyyy Flyyy…to your graveyard.

@Moobattle Caught up in a storm of gods.

[@]Zeronica It’s been 4 years, yet people still die to Avatars.

@CptAjay Rushed for me, but didn’t notice a potion 3:

[@]Amatearasu Circle the other way around!

[@]GMoneyF Failed to survive the phase of surviving, alas. (Another MBC rock death? What?)

[@]SAMPPAM You know, I don’t know how they did it either. Carelessness, I reckon.

[@]LordJohnR Heals were not as universally distributed, it seems.

[@]Dartonn “<Mannyprif> well damm”

@KiIuA bad gamer iksd

[@]XHjalhiXx @WhiteListO Another Void run with deaths - wait, that’s a 0/8. banned


lol oof i remember that cute little grave…was pretty pissed i had just telepoted and instantly died and was like…nah fuck this i’m out

then i came back 5 hours later, made a new pally, got an ice blade and a zseal, then died again and then i was truly out


owo can’t seem to stay alive even with all the op stuff u have.


@DarkskillX @ShadowHsn @Meshuggah @Craftykid died by grenades.

@Swirlone stuns didn’t go as planned…


rip 6/8 ppe, teleported into a godwall next to perma


f for respects


See this is why u clear the gods around quests. No one ever does it.


@Waslate Can’t stand on the exploding part man.


RIP guildie, in the sunphase.

Oops when your guildie isn’t on the forum yet… RIP


My knight wasn’t as tanky as I thought… RIP my omni and splendor


Did not see how @GTYX died, but died first before things got really bad. @Myrkan and the rest died to Geb, but pre-rage due to a lag spike.