The Death Thread


@AncMyst @DieQuit
Ruthven’s bats are pretty stronk.
Dont stand still


did you intend to reply to me, or just the thread?


just the thread


Ah, that’s a relief. Thanks man. I was terrified I’d be called out for shit equipment :slight_smile:


i died with my first vblade( my favorite weapon):sob::sob::skull_and_crossbones:


im trash


I know this isn’t a death but it feels like one

1 freakn’ primal ice away


They are still giving some and more ornaments.






those were the primal ice I got from the calendar


The stack of 9?


Yep :frowning:


Oh my I just haven’t got it yet I guess.
You have any workshops still?


Totally my fault, but still :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


A grim discovery within the run down ruins of a guild hall.


Geb was a little mad today.


@StaffPlays Failed to get much further, there. This was pre-event.

[@]Gamw Unfortunate rush death. It was like, 2 seconds after I entered, too .n.

[@]Mpjwolff and [@]Godofresio Dance, mortals! Daaaaance!

@Najasho and [@]SquirrelOG It’s been, like, 2 years since they added these things.

@Himmeroos This thing was added like 5 years ago

[@]Kurtermast, @Prologs Messy, messy Parasites. Ever so deadly, ever so infuriating.

[@]MiuRooIS Quote applicable. In co-production with: Lag.


I thought 300 hp was enough. 6/6 hp pots.

How does one get a jugg?