The Death Thread


@Mist An 8/8 death at Oryx? What is this, 2012?

@Innotheum Haste is not a positive attribute.

@RonDonGone Well, Ron’s don’ gone.
Also, you may have noticed that my total fame has decreased while I still had that Spirit pet skin. As a matter of fact, I got two. I already had it before they added it as a drop.

@Kuwu Skip runs claimed them moments before me u,w,u


I stood a bit too close to O2 when his stun wore off
(but I got my 443 fame so who cares)



I could only assume @Maxedfox was never taught how to dance as a kid.


Wrong thread.


Hey, I got that one too!


I guess the Fox was ‘Maxed’? Get it? Because the player was maxed? And name was maxed fox?
you better start laughing…



whats with the zig-zag tiles ?


I believe sometimes If you’re playing the game on too large of a resolution (flash projector) It can do that when you rotate the camera.


ah, thank you.


@Enzocc; a failed troll or trying to die in an entertaining way? (had to wait for Janus to die to get good screenshot)


Honestly, I don’t know either. I’m going to presume suicide.

@ColossalG The Notorious G. gets Notoriously Stood On.

@YukiJr Katanas, unsurprisingly, can still be broken.

@IWANwerwef Not strong enough for dance. @Wasteman I got quieted, I couldn’t stun, they were in front of Oryx…

@Mathiasmas Literally just got run over.

@Mumriks Death was instantaneous. No remains were uncovered.





stop being good wtf


image image imageimage wut




It’s a thing that happens when you put flash projector on 100% and then full screen it.


@Furball Unfortunately, fur is not quite as defensive as they’d’ve wished.

@Ginowup It is bomb!

@Undyou Vho do ve kil today? You, you, Undyou!