The Death Thread


erm urbad


dying in a tomb? tired

dying to tutorial boss? W I R E D




@Druzze @noticed

This is not often seen in the USNW server and seemed worthy of a post


I just wanted to try it…

I accidentally sat on the Stone Guardian’s sword


what about a tutorial turret?


Teleported to boss and got killed in under 1 sec by what seemed like a stream of gigacorn bullets. Lost one of my best characters so far, hold me :frowning:

At least over 2k fame for white star tho






Me: EUEast is the only enemy that can kill you
Also Me:

Edit: I really hate these instakills -.- I was at a healthy 800+ hp and then out of nowhere a USEast YEETS outta nowhere and runs me over…
(was top 100 samurai before this if anybody cares, wasn’t that difficult)





ouch… tried to enter wlab portal and failed to do so somehow… rip me


big oof


Was that the necro?


armor breaking is a killer


Ah, that just kills me.
Meh, I thought I could tank that - transitioned into another phase, stacked shots or somefin ;P
Time for another class because frankly I got bored of this!


i didnt know the programming did that yo you :frowning:


yeh it was that necro a couple of days b4


What class do you plan on playing


if it’s a liquid thingy that’s not water its gonna hurt u probs