The Death Thread


pretty much yea :wink: .


@HaiEpic Died during the finale. Really, don’t underestimate how much can still go wrong there!



A messy Wine Cellar, featuring @Nevov

@Kevi Suns claim a victim!

@ByMacoxX and @WhitePin to suns as well, and @GodLaos being careless

Addendum in an Ice Tomb:

@Respowz, @Lajars, @SlayersMVP, @StoneGold Carelessly passed by Frimar
Why I’m in the nexus is explained in that pm.





You press ‘T’ to chat?


(Cray lost boots, so suicide time)

@CrayKiller bad



next rifts i’m definitely getting you into another abyss


we don’t talk about that.


we don’t talk about that.

let’s talk about that. ~Good Mythical Morning


Local Candyshi spotted typing and not realizing they are being slapped in a Crawling Depths, Colorized c. 2019


Most confusingly, I use Y to open chat in TF2 : D


Isn’t the default in rotmg the enter key though? If you use the default in tf2 why change the rotmg chat key? xd


Because enter is f a r a w a y!
It’s confusing to have to hit it again!


Flex died.



@Smirror was nearly sitting on him, I think to try to fool everyone with the whitebag pet. But sadly a rip.



uh oh





funny poopies



rip, time to make a new necro. highest bf char by far unfortunate it died before 1.5k at least I got the 2k class quest this time


there were a lot more but i tried to limit it to suitably maxed gravestones