The Death Thread




RIP Tablet
this reminded me to restart the game every 1000 mem

first dead on new year lul



At this point my deaths all have a common theme - I look away for some amount of time (one second) and die, at about 6/8 or 7/8.

Though I gotta hand it to this one - he lasted the longest.

(also at some point there was a 7/8 that was popped by fungal, but I didn’t get a photo of that. Happy New Year!)




I fucking got killed by a mystic


thanks draggers. Fuck off


You get 1k mem? I get 300 at most.


i like how you title your pix :slight_smile:


Nothing like getting surprise stack stocked to death in a pub Shatters.
Rip Bracer, Shendyt, Cnid Rod and Abomination Wand.


tfw you get sat on. I had no idea that did that much damage. Oh well, I’m officially quitting now


mad cuz bad


I find that offensive, mostly cuz it’s true



@Aurum Insta’d by a purple bat :c


Wtf is a forest troll even


troll that lives in a forest



if wondering


I will find it. I will hunt it down, and then I will [redacted] until its [redacted] is spread on the ground attracting flies. I will then proceed to yeet the rotting corpse into orbit.


@Gubber got hit by Oryx in the Big Balls phase.

& @KingJonez an archer was having a nice time getting chatted up by someone (I forget who, of dark blue star rank) talking about how nice eyes they have, in the closed realm & castle, Oryx obviously got offended and mad god gonna mad.