The Death Thread


Suicided just now. 6/8 ppe.


RIP Avengerlol

In a today’s puppet.


It is absolutely possible to die on MW even as 8/8 characters. The fact that there are fairies can deal armor-piercing damage. A dude named Japan had an 8/8 Knight died @ MW.


Still kinda bad if u die in mwoods.


White Bag Thread
I think you meant for this thread


It was the perfect storm of sick, confused, overconfidence, tiredness, and just a spot of lag. I got greedy and paid the price. ;-;


nothing happened here


rip my first 8/8 char. we had good times together.






@DomisParty Not sure if they got confused, or if it was a suicide…


I got the beer god poison right before that. Died from lag right on tp lol. I tried closing the game but died. Rip pogmur as well. All good I found this pretty funny I don’t really play assassin.


armor broken and then quick down

and watched live…


She was not my brother’s Keyper… (and the one time I don’t DC)


i am unbelievably ashamed


Magic woods enemies can really hurt, especially since they buffed their damage. Don’t feel too bad!


Attempted to weave away through a Yellow Glaive, but I somehow still got hit, just when the Beekeeper came 'round. Couldn’t Nexus or switch-to-T6-prism-to-teleport in time.


Shouldn’t have played rotmg when i just woke up

I guess i got what I deserved for being arrogant


Hey, your dream came true!


just paid $40 for the set and got each piece 1 by 1 and died from o2 as he fired every bullet only at me. (i was trying to help the other players stacked on top of each other and was dumb of me to do at only 1/8 with def maxed, i was very tired being up all night playing with the set.)