The Death Thread


May we have F in the chat?




And here goes my 7/8 Archer. Second maxed character died at GLand just like the 1st one. Back to square one.


got further than I expected though


Rest in Peace.
Don’t play at 5AM.
Don’t play when you’re drunk.


In my defense, there were a lot of them


Rest in Peace 8/8 Samurai :slight_smile:


And so, ends the reign of the blessed paladin. 50 quests away from Doer of Deers, sad noises.

I really miss the colo sword and the crown, can’t get another one it seems ;(


Hmm. Might want to change your realmeye bio lol.


Lost my 1/8 mystic ( I’m not that good at the game yet, yes ) but a rock dragon bat spawned on top of me, and I got popped.


I’ve never liked those things, I personally feel there should be a more defined spawning location for these things. Avatar has blobombs coming out of pure evil, cultists come out of dark red markings on the floor, rock dragon has bats…spawning out of nowhere? Inconsistent and a little unfair imo, especially when the failsafe that prevents them from exploding immediately upon spawning fails.


Happened to me as well, but as a 7/8 Priest.



Noo !

I was rushing ,-,


Wasn’t even too close to Medusa, but still get shotgunned b/c of blindness. How many 7/8s I have to lose before I learnt my lesson that one character is a dungeon farmer, not GLand farmer??? Third 7/8 that died @ GLand…

Side note: He finally promoted to 5 stars.


They should make it where the rock dragon bat doesn’t attack 3 seconds after it spawns.


I died as I lived… afk

PPE had 406 o2 completions on it.

193 before the campaign, 179 during campaign, and 34 during this chest event.

I didn’t get a single ST.

But at least now… I’m free…


Nice music though


Noo what no !


That is embarrassing. Brand new 8/8 rogue died in a dirty tomb. smh. RIP lab mark.