The Death Thread


Loses 8/8. Oh no my lab mark


I don’t really do LH much so it actually takes me a pretty long time to build up an 8/8 :cry:
I was really looking forward to playing on this guy. Plus, I have a bit of a goal that when I get white star I will have a living white star account, and this definitely sets me back a bit. Only a few more to go, but I need a lot of characters to get more fame. I played on my assassin and warrior way too much recently.


getting an 8/8 is also not quite easy to me, because i’m too… slow in reactions (i’m an old and unhealthy guy) to do the epic dungeons. but 6/8 or 8/8 is not the biggest difference. 2000 fame is not that much, just dont risk too much.

(I never did an LH and in Tomb I mostly play very defensive - better getting no loot than dying.)

And: in my opinion it’s better to play the chacrackter as soon as possible. Do not feed it up to 8/8 or something. When you die, it’s all for nothing. But when you play with 0/8 and get stronger the longer you play, you know this char better and better - so you also know what you can do with it and what is too dangerous. - but, that’s just my point of view on that.


Me: For me when building an 7/8, I have to relied on trading to obtain Life potions (Mana too though at least I know how to solo Ocean Trench, but getting to Hermit God and Thessal herself without teleporting is almost impossible). So yes, it does took me a while to build one.

How old are you??? Over 40 years old??

I tried to solo Lost Halls but darn, can’t get through Golem and Slime room. Need to learn more how to solo Tombs as well so I don’t have to rely on trading to get Life pots.


Try using a cutlass or straight rushing.


How old are you??? Over 40 years old??

almost, but since a few years, something like destroyed (Cervical spine and others). So e.g. my eyes have difficulties following fast moves. That can be dangerours in RotMG.


Oh dear, I think you should quit playing to preserve your health.


thanks. playing is what brings some fun today… but i do not play so much.


ugh can someone explain dammah’s last phase it’s legit impossible


back out and keep an eye on your char… obviously try to prioritize dodging aha

understand that just before you get hit by a sick shot that you cannot heal, so preemptively pop an hp pot or two if low to last the duration.


there are just so many shots hahaha


Not my SS, but definitely worth sharing here. Stay safe out there, guys!


That’ll teach 'em






It’s probably one of the most erratic phases.
The best advice I can give is to carefuily note where each bullet will go - iirc, none of them have any fancy amplitude or what have you, so spot the safe way to move. There’s not one spot to stand, so keep on the move without rushing ahead.


@Dovaakhin Likely shotgunned into dust, a classic.

@Bakty and @Nachtigal Could not dance. Shameless flex: I could, with 22 def and 41 spd 8)


I hate that phase, espeically without a priest


Dance is easiest, just get in before it starts, weave left and right and occasionally move to another part of the inner circle when there’s a bomb near you. You can pretty much avoid all damage if you’re careful, unlike suns/power/chase.