The Death Thread


Great, this will help me a lot!

… Or it would, if I had any clue how to screen rotate properly…

…help me pls ;-;


you dont have to, just play on centered if you cant rotate your screen well


rip first void run.


Noo !


that sounds like it takes to much skill /s
honsetly I’m fine doing it but like priests make it a lot easier


Priests are stoopid and are gonna get hit by quiet anyway.


Rest in peace my first 6/8 Knight PPE. Got insta’d by Septavius while going in for a stun.

… and then my paladin. I really didn’t play him much, but he died before I got a chance to max a single stat.

Time to start some more PPEs because I’m poor (and don’t want to risk losing my WC tops!)
Also, rip magic mushroom my brother found while roaming the midlands, i guess


yeeaah, don’t do the miner event on a 0/8, high chance of death for a single potion isn’t worth it.


@FozzTheBos @Sccubix let the yellow bees walk on top of them at chest phase.


red bees*


An 8/8 got Confused and sat on Esben. Big FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF for him ;(

Internet lag made that Sammy get oofed. No Boot on the Ground for him. I violated my own “always Boot on the Ground” pledge ;(

For real this time, I promised myself that after this character got killed, I stop TPing regardless of what. Oh yes, including Trickster and Planewalker Rouge.




Stop what??? I will still play Rouge, but not as often.


Fucking saying rouge


I was in a shatts and I was not paying attention for a second… looked at my screen to realize I had been standing in one of the lines of huge white bullets. Rip my favorite character who I spent about a month maxing 8/8


Died to spooky boi ( realm, not lh ) spooky just does too much damage, like seriously.


:frowning: That is literally how my first 8/8 died. Minutes after I finished maxing him. I was so, so frustrated at myself.


Yeah it’s a rip. I guess it is a lesson I just gotta learn. Really thought my sunstaff looked cool, an I was saving to buy an st spell lol


at least it wasnt to limon :flushed:


there goes my best ppe ever… it was fun while it lasted. Frame skipped while crossing and couldn’t even nexus.