The Death Thread


Idk about you, but if you’re only doing halls for the 3rd time, a wizard isn’t optimal especially with a non hp ring.




Um… I am still refuse to slap a HP ring after that death. I am aware that it is a godsend in situation of dealing Spooky Boi’s AP projectile, but you know… they are in high demand… and I’m stubborn about it.


They’re godsend in more situations than that though. Having more hp means being allowed to make more mistakes, but it also gives you the opportunity to learn from them too. People who constrict themselves by using rings other than those that mitigate the effects of bullets (atk, spd, dex, etc), without having sufficient mechanical skill in the first place to dodge and compensate for that lack of a buffer, are just shooting themselves in the foot imo.

I’ve got an ubhp you could have if you really need it, just give a time and server and I can give it to you.


Thank you but I really don’t need it. If you do give it to me though, I will sell it for a Life pot (instead of 8 because by logically). You need it the most, not me. I can learn to raid LH without HP ring in general, but it does mean dying more often.


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I see that dude all the time, lol. I don’t want to spam the thread more than I already do.


1800th death
Storage character with 6 decas, tabbed out in davy xd


Oh, that hurts. That really, really hurts. Also, 1800?! How many of those have been maxed? I have 167, 16 of which were 8/8 and 16 of which were 6-7/8. I guess I have only had 8/8 characters for the last year or so, though, so as far as account progression goes I am fairly new.

Edit: it is only counting my graves post 2017…is that normal? I knew 167 was wayyy too low of a number…


522 were 1/8+
244 were 6/8+
122 were 8/8s


rip… my favourite character. didnt pay attention and got bursted by the needle shotgun phase…


Still haven’t learnt not to touch a character until becomes 7/8. OP lag these days @ USW3.

Side note: She (because I used a female skin) promoted to 4 stars.

Time to grab my 4/8 farmer Pally to chain-raid Abby dungeons.




I know. It was a loss, not really a big one though. Just tops (Masa, Hydra and DCircle) and 3 UB rings (I bought them for a Mana to a Life each) that nobody wants to wear (ATT, SPD and DEF).

I have one more spare Ninja top set and bunch of more UB rings.

No 7/8 for me though ;(


Still, it was max life. I only have like 8-10 chars that have ever been max life xd. Hopefully that will be easier now that I’m tryna figure out halls discord, but that could result in me losing my chars instead xd. Guess I’ll probably only bring throwaways.


My first 8/8 :frowning:


May it be the first of many!


Rip man. It took me like 2 yrs for my first 8/8, so you def are progressing fast!

Or I was progressing very slow…