The Death Thread


we’ve all been there. next stop : 2 8/8s


xD either or.


@Deelegends, jumped on by final boss:


Roller coaster episode 2 after getting a Jugg within 1/2 hour. Didn’t realize these bois can inflict AP damage. Looks like I’m stuck as 0/8 for now.

Learnt that don’t run straight to the dungeon portal when any dangerous enemies are guarding it. And I lost my Friend of Cubes streak after couple dozens’ deaths (because I was trying to solo Cube God).


Almost got popped by these bad bois earlier today


Three dudes were not-so-lucky…

@Redtad @Brettski @ScaiWar


They hurt. Whenever it’s a closed realm and I’m on my trix I try and get quest completions, and if u hey 3-4 of them stacked up on each other your up drops pretty dang fast


Lol, it was about 7 years for me…I am so bad at this game.


Lol man you have like 15 8/8s with oryx sanctuary and void gear. Meanwhile me who has never done a halls/cult and has only 5 8/8s


Perhaps I should rephrase. It took me a really long time to get decent at this game. I think I am pretty alright now. Still no O3 completes yet, but that will change soon!

The fact that you have 5 8/8s without doing any halls is pretty nuts, honestly. Very impressive. If you are opposed to the massive discord steamroll trains (which I think is the correct opinion to have) and still want to experience a cult run, I suggest checking out Malice. They only have a run every couple hours, and it is almost always <20 people, which makes for a pretty chill time. You generally still have a few knights which trivialize the boss fight itself, but it is a good way to get introduced to the dungeon.

EDIT: I see you verified for Pubhalls. Also a good way to get introduced to the boss fights, particularly mbc and void. Cults in pubhalls are completely braindead, though, since you just walk to the troom and wait for the rushers to clear, then wait in the hideout until the rusher gets to boss, then smack the cultists while the knights stun them. Completely, completely braindead. Mbc and void are quite the experience for the first couple times! Much, much easier with player opacity options now, though.


Yep, just got verified for pub halls yesterday, still haven’t been in a run because I keep missing them lol. Also I’m just gonna predict my throwaway priests death in a halls pretty soon xd.


i called it. spooky boi caused me to get seperated from group and i panicked and wasnt sure what to do. I guess I didn’t see commander, but he got un stunned right next to me.2nd halls. 1st i nexused from mbd


Idt commanders can get stasised?




My mistake I meant to say un stunned. I’ll change that now xd


man this post did not age well lmfao


Fr :joy:


And now, I finally got her to 7/8.

Reason why she’s max Vit because I sent 0/8 Pally to raid Abby. And I found it is easier to raid that dungeon as a Pally than Knight.

Edit: Youmu is now petless if you raid my RealmEye. Adding to that, she has 5 UB rings in her inventory:

Vit (underrated but useful for HP regeneration boost, 79 vit as a Ninja)

Dex (for farming accuracy @ Spider Den)

Def (Who said UBDef is the worst?)

Speed (Fast as hell boi!)

ATT (Ninja needs ATT more than Dex).


I didn’t die but I just saw his on the front RealmEye page:
So I’m expecting him to post soon…