The Death Thread


Agreed. Not everyone is good at dodging in dungeons like that though, I’ve noticed. (Also, I finally got the skull there last week :stuck_out_tongue:)


I got the staff in my second shaitans that I started farming for it, still do it occasionally to go for waki or skull, but I’ve got what I wanted


I want the staff too. I’m not done with that dungeon yet! I have the orb and the ring now. Tbh, finding Abby idols will probably be harder than doing Shaitans


Listen, I got the ring and robe in a single red demon and a single abyss idol, I got the staff in 2 shaitans, I thought to myself “wow I’m gonna have this in a snap.” I was wrong. It’s been months and I still don’t have that freaking orb


Really? Lol, I have done like under 50 abysses since I came back to the game and gotten 2 orbs. Probably closer to 30 abysses really


That’s me with the new Skuld ring. I’ve oft complained about it, but I’ve had the og set for the longest time (on an idle 8/8, mind you), and when the new sets came out, I literally got the dagger and cloak in my first 5 runs, and the armor somewhere in the first 12. No ring since since the sb sets arrived. I used to get it so commonly… not even my limited time in this event has helped! I’ve gotten another dagger and armor, even ;.;


Same thing for me right now with priest and new warr and huntress sets. Need anointed,naval, and bergenia respectively


Not counting my 1/4 and 2/4 sets, I have more that are close, too. Skuld is just rubbing me the wrong way despite me normally being very patient.

Oryx’s Battle Attires: Need ring
New pixie set: Need armor
Horrific Sorcerer: Need scepter
Pirate King: Need sword
Lost Golem: Need armor
New Skuld set: Need ring

Uuuuugh >•<


@Asahd That’s strange…

@Evtoad A 7/8 Knight got popped by Oryx’s Sun. Big F.


Asahd seems to have went the same way as my trickster…


huh, void entity is dangerous. Literally said to my sister who was in the room before void, “nah, i wont die, voids are easy”. Was sandwhiched between fidget spinner and a few other shots as well as minions lol. Not mad at all about this death, but its probably going to take me a while to max another halls farming character xd


This was from a long time ago but still so sad because of CDirk.


Cdirk. On a 4/8. To O1.


Listen it was 4 years ago I had no idea what I was doing. LOL


He was standing next to Davy when he was paralyzed and got insta-popped right after.


Tried to solo a Tomb but failed. RIP DBow and CBow… Big F for my 2nd 7/8 Archer.


rip 2nd 8/8 :frowning:


Rip about 3 1/8 chars in the past few days. All dead because I am stupid and cursed not to see a char live past 1/8.


rip to the ppe wizzy :frowning:
wasn’t paying attention i guess


@Oneshotzer died while rushing abby.