The Death Thread


Was going in for the stun and ended up eating O2’s shotgun. I legit laughed out loud when it happened though. Nothing big were lost, just old tops with 4 UB rings. Either way, RIP 2nd 7/8 petless Knight.


An 8/8 Rogue rushed but failed.

Went into a Realm Nest with guildies but then Miku ended up getting mugged by Blue Larvas.


Attempted to solo O2 as petless but then got sat on during Chase Phase. Managed to push him to that far but still failed. Did expect dying on this solo attempt though. For next attempt, I would stash up myself with HP pots instead.


A few deaths when people sat on a death morel. Also one well timed one by a hobbit mage


Wall of bullets in High Tech Terror hit me hard. Was first time trying it and was just following the others.


Rip :slightly_frowning_face: haven’t gotten around to trying htt myself yet


You definitely should! It is a ton of fun.


Cool! Will definitely try it! Also hoping there’s an event soon xd, doubt it tho cus o3 event is coming up, which I hopefully will get a few t13 weapons and t14 armors from minibosses…

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Well. That was unexpected. I had already completed about 20 of these so far (loot boost for every one and still no whites :grimacing:) and got clapped without even seeing my health drop. Really wish I had a replay because I honestly don’t have a clue how that happened. First death with a Jugg, and one of my few T13 weapons. I really have had a ton of deaths recently…

Edit: Also one of my favorite skin/cloth combinations I have come up with so far. And no, my total fame was not 14, it was a bit over 10K. Snapped the picture too early.


Alright, I’m a little pissed by this. Not the death itself, as I know I screwed up there, nor the loss of gear. I’m pissed because less than an hour ago when I checked, my assassin had a death fame of over 2k, and I would be a 77 star.


A short but brave life heading face first into a MT.


Yeah… lets just say I haven’t had the best week in regards to realm : (


Disclaimer: I have yet to run HTT, and do my only experience is from watching YouTube.

However, it looks like your grave is next to one of the turrets in the dungeon, which have radial shotguns. I don’t know what Black Water is, but it might have something to do with that?


“Black Water” is basically the game’s new “null”.
I believe it occurs when a player gets killed by an object that doesn’t really have a displayId, or somefin of the like.
In this case, most likely either the T.U.R.R.E.T. or the M.E.R.V.


The radial shots from the turrets daze you, they don’t do much (if any) damage, thankfully. I was worried when I saw videos of it, but it is actually fine. I expect that the car ran over me and got a perfect shotgun off, though I still don’t think that should have killed me. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Thought confusion had worn off. It had not.
This char brought me through many successful HTT’s now I feel bad cause I was getting durable enough to max more stats easier. Might have to take another break :tired_face:
Also just noticed it says “Total Fame Earned : 7”
That just means the second I died I went “SCREENSHOT TIME” and slammed the print screen button before it could count up


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Why does it say that most of them are level 20? They look like level 1


Because I don’t normally screenshot my deaths, so that stuff in the background is actually just a new character, I just screenshotted the death screens through the recent deaths tab.


Ah, sorry. I’ve gown those too, more especially the repeated “504 Bad Gateway” errors. I’ve sometimes typed up long conveys that were completely erased to that. I learned to copy my messages here first, even if I had to wait an hour or so to actually post. I digress before I derail the thread too badly