The Death Thread


smh they should have used admin ring what a noob


Ya, You have to survive the shot that hit you when you were below 75hp which is pretty much never going to happen


Was scratching my balls and not paying attention when I got eaten alive by a bat… I miss the set so much already :sob:



the boss was dead as well and i got insta-popped :frowning:


At least it wasn’t a white bag. That would not have been good. It still isn’t but it would have been much worse


That nearly happened to me on my knight; a boulder showed up from nowhere (is there even a throwing animation for boulders?), I ate like half of the shots and dropped to half health


Died on my knight today. I haven’t done janus in a while and forgot that group tanking wasn’t possible anymore


Oh dang it’s not? Like in the second phase?


I’m pretty sure in the phase where he shoots like 5 in every direction you can’t tank it.


I think it’s possible to tank it if you have healers, but the group I was doing it with all moved off to the side when the first wave came


i love that video.
My brother showed it to me a week or so ago


A short-lived petless 7/8 Bard. Got mugged quite quickly and did expect dying with third CBow anytime when I use it.

I learnt that it is the best to clear the dungeon especially in Mountain Temple.

My reaction was “That didn’t went well.” Gonna deal with it either way.


Wow you have an army of wizards


Storage characters.


Do they have names?




Do any of your characters have names?


Nah… other than my Bard and Ninja.


Am I the only one who gives all of their characters names?


That just makes the permadeath aspect even more sad