The Death Thread


vesture proc and then switch to diplo gives me like 110 atk if i keep it up, was for top damage


ahh rip


Some of us like higher offense. Just a preference (:


Just realized I wasted 2 ichors. fuck


Instapopped when it jumped immediately after third phase and I wasn’t near it
Big losses are escutcheon, potato, and the 3 wlab marks on me, I was planning on getting sakura waki


@PRCSakura are you getting that one too?




My first death in the O3 event, looks like I won’t have the privilege of saying I didn’t die at all

Fix for meteor warning rendering when?

Ah well, no matter, all just a minor inconvenince, my archer’s back again once more after just a mere 5 minutes


I died once and it was a suicide. Ezlclap


Died on my prized oryx slaying paladin because i decided to stream o3 to my friends, went 15 celestials without taking damage and on this one just fucking died


Was raiding with Gladiators.

Split sec ping lag… Fuck.


Do you really need the marginal extra damage to deal with minions? Though even then I don’t think your exahp would have saved you.


@Tralfik :


Well majority of Samu’s DPS are from the Waki.


Actually I don’t think the majority of any class’s dps is from their ability, though it may certainly help with that


I am genuinely doubting my intelligence right now, what am I doing wow

:frowning: Pro Tip: don’t play Realm while simultaneously calling with your SO and being kinda tired


rip ice crown :sob:


Crystal worm father in the realm is the worst event ever made by DECA.

Why do I hate this game so much


@PeLiMaN Butterflown. An oldy.

@Suyash Butterflown 2!

@Madssyy Even More Bees !

@Neotaru A little messy right beefore needle phase!


Sorcerer PPE my beloved :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: