The Death Thread


I didn’t check the shop for anything… thanks for the heads up, guys! I’d be willing to true in some fame, even for those results. I’d be able to check later, but if any of you are about to answer before I check, is this an “infinite” roll, or limited roll?


Limited, as you can roll up to 10 times.


well that kinda hurt


RIP all of that swapouts ;(


not a death but still
image an L since i already own this skin and i got it from the stupid
myster legendary skin FUCK


the one that hurts the most is conquest cuz getting those back is harrrrd


RIP my 20k bf Samu gal. Was soloing Janus, got an Inc, decided to solo Encore except this happened again.

Here goes my Eastern Wind reskin (one of ma favorite)+ Resu (had it for over 8 months) and Doku…

Fun fact, just her alone, maxed several throwaway Samu’s for Exaltation. I don’t know who else could take her spot for GLand dungeon farming after getting clapped.


RIP to your Samurai </3


skill issue :smirk:


I’m sorry what? I soloed Encore b4 ok???


Big F.


sit the fuck down, i soloed sprite world hundreds of times, get on my level noob


Ok you are confusing me.


I think the very most deaths are not caused by missing skill, rather by missing attention (because sometimes my attention is on the beer).

(If it was due to skill, I would have no living charackter, never!)






Slowed on top of a cubyte lol


Murderous Megamoth decided it would be funny to jump on my knight with armorpiercing shots. It was my first character that reached 10K base fame. RIP Shield Maiden, may you one day be resurrected once again.


@Charizard speedrun?


nope never happened totally just a glitch in the system definitely didn’t throw a good attempt no siree