The Death Thread


I laughed my ass off… He’s the co owner of Pest Control (nest raid server)… and the only person that died during the fullskip.

He didn’t lose much tho.


fuck me


oh no, 266 fame before the 5th star

Can’t upload a picture idk why.

RL went afk… and got killed by bee.

No other rl or whatever was in VC… so I made the colossally stupid decision to volunteer to lead. Not only was I on my phone’s hotspot (weak connection), it was also 4:30 am and I was tired and 55% more pepega than usual so uhh… you can guess what happened.


People… this is why you don’t counter rush. You get punished for thinking you can rush better than a trickster main. Spoiler: You can’t.


My bard is gone now. Have had a lot of fun with him. Looking forward to the next character.





and he even died to Mr Krabs! Probably was trying to steal his money


Oooh cookies !




LOL Cube God is immune to stun around less than 50% HP so don’t expect Knight stun…

Guess what I should say to him? Fucking 0 skill noob.


Well i mean why would you private your graveyard? Scared that people see you die to trash mobs? lmfoaaa


LOL I had embarassing death of me dying to Protection Crystal with a Jugg.


just some of the stuff I used to die to.


I mean dying as 0/8 with old tops isn’t that bad.

But when you died to something like this…


The first 2 arent that bad the third one is a skill issue


Third one I was typing and ate those crystal shots really hard even when they only deal 7 damages.