The Death Thread


Decoying in group HUGE in Leuc. If he decides to do carrots right AFTER boomerangs, then you will dodge into a whole boomerang wave or the whole carrot.


alr alr makes sense good to know


damn, what’s your way of finding o3’s? looking for realms isn’t this efficient, at least in my experience


lol stop dying


Holy Crusader is the Discord I use for O3 run.

I got unlucky lol.


Never heard of them.

I only use osanc and dungeoneer.

Nvm they weren’t listed under o3.

Looks like they have pretty tight reqs, nothing that I can’t meet of course. Also… they count Sphinx as 1/4?? Wtf, I’m actually 4/4 in this server.

edit: Their reqs arent tight at all lmfao


vet runs or normal? because normal osanc . . . yikes


I can hold my own. I don’t need vet runs.


Let’s make this… quad deaths?


Oh my god was that the samurai i just saw in nexus


I seem to remember you saying to me “Don’t rush back into exalting after you die”


IK. I had 7 backups throwaways that’s why I rushed back to Exalting.

But no worry, I will park myself from Discord raiding to recover tomorrow (on my timezone).


mate dont worry. I know you saw, my first O3 complete I posted here. Now I’m completing o3’s all the time.


Dude… why are you doing this…


First o3 any tips?


Ok time’s up.




How did you die to ava


I suspect a lack of attention. :wink:


Like these guys?