The Death Thread


yeah, why not?


Idk man. We didn’t have any slows that fight and got countered 3 times. Leuc counters are a joke if you know how to do it.

Also Leuc parsed all the tricksters except for me. Kind of hard to keep decoying when he silences you and when people drag Leuc’s attention off the decoy. And they complained. So during O3, I didn’t decoy anything. And they begged me to decoy. Absolute pepegas.

Oh and, no, I didn’t decoy anything in the end. I got my SB on O3 and leeched the whole fight. It’s not a smart idea to diss your only trickster.


life is unfair

Lost my first divinity, colo sword, and crown (never getting the crown back let’s be honest here). Really sucks tbh, was so close to finally getting an entropy

Maybe should’ve dodged the lag spike nvm this is my fault


rest in pepperonis




man I wonder who’d be SO stupid as to ep oryx 1, like I clearly couldn’t do that, I’m too intelligent to do THAT lmao.


the RL’s told the knights to make stuns slip


No public graveyard. Well, if he’s bad enough to die to an alan tank I wouldn’t really accuse him of doing anything sus.

His graveyard isn’t updated.


Also I got a heart attack. If I wouldve stood on all the axes that would’ve been bad.


Listening to Rolling Girl?


hatsune miku my favorite singer




I swear I heard this song from the online Concert 1 month ago…



crippling addiction


I didn’t die but now I’m some sort of orange star? I don’t want to play those classes that’s why I got them to fame and stopped playing them angery :angry:

death of the white star


Orange star is better than what many can say right now, according to the loose stats.


at least i farmed the heck out of the event before this though :’)


at least the only valuables you lost was a backpack.


so dumb