The Death Thread




Smh should’ve spent some of that 1.5k$ that you spent on rotmg on some better internet


1.6 now…

Also, I later found out the lag was caused by my router/modem issue (I ended up reseting them), though it’s my Window system goes corrupt at random time and causing me to lag as well.


DOKU for *unpe!!




I am in pain


how many divinities did you have? because if you had one, then I guess we’ll be grinding together to get it back


noob down!


i have the bp





Was telling my friends that you could dodge in between O1’s teardrops, trolled a little too hard and ate four of them xD


Very bloody from last and this week…


From a bit ago:

My pet unfortuately blocks this one’s name >_<

@BROjoshi Unfortunately, the Crystal’s cheap instakill remains unchecked.

@Myblfrenk Don’t rush Temples, y’all. There were like, 6-7 Corrupted Casters in there!

@Finnders Ran over by game design.


Me died rushing Temples like 3 times.


I see ubhp’s :eyes:


Figure that I might as well use them on my throwaway 8/8’s when Exalting.


an unfortunate soul who got killed at the start by fractals and a ppe wizzy that stuck out with me until the bitter end


@Tigerkills came a cropper rushing. I died similarly only recently; it’s an easy rush until it isn’t and you get slowed, then hit by one or more other status effects.


did not play for a while and now all skills are completly gone :smiley:

But… it just was a Huntress!

Now she is how I feel in real life. :wink:


Don’t have ss but lost a 142k base samurai with enforcer/t7/gguard/cranium/crown/mercys/vblade/varmor/eastern/ronin/valentine egg to game freezing completely deca gaymes pog.

update: here if you want also if anyones wondering why my base fame:death fame is so horrible:
A) I did full clear lhs/cults during the event but left after the dungeon was cleared.

B) I had 100 of many exalt dungeons completed like fungal/cult/nest but I didn’t have htt/bnexus done so I didn’t get that 43k death or whatever you get from all dungeons