The Farewell Thread


Ark’s my friend, if he’s leaving I’m gonna say goodbye.

also, he asked for a ban, he isn’t trying to make people feel sorry and forgive him so he can stay, he just doesn’t feel like he can do anything for the community we have anymore.

also ark isn’t banned yet, can’t leave us just yet!


Then can you guys make it so it looks like you guys actually want me here?

I mean, you should have. I’m just waiting for my ban here at this point


omfg guys stop


plz dont kill me


pls leaven’t


I said I won’t quit realm


das good


Alrighty then idk what just happened.




I want you here :heart:


Yes, I agree, don’t leave, I need my daily dose of weebness (but srsly, don’t leave ;n;)



This thread isn’t for starting fights where we accuse other people of irrelevant things.


This may not be the thread, but this whole forum is basically toxic arguing and going off topic. So, it doesn’t really matter anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, thank you for that positive and helpful mindset.

There may be issues with some threads, but the best thing we can do is remind people to stay on topic and polite with their posts.




Hey before you levae cna you give me ur discord code? wanna talk to you. :frowning:


@OtherBill Just before I ask for a perma ban, I just want to make sure, can I message you on realmeye for an unban when I’m ready to come back to the forums?


[PM sent. OB]


You can. But you barely post, what’s the point?


Do me


so if i see someone being bullied, i should be a bystander and let it happen.
you know, if something like this really happened, it would just let toxicity fester because nobody is doing anything.

because you totally haven’t done that yourself.