The Farewell Thread



-cough cough- xaklor legitimately tried to make redox a racist in the eyes of the people -cough cough-



we don’t care if rmg and xaklor are good people or not

if they are bad, they are bad.
If they are good, then they are good.

Whatever you want to think.


If you’re going to call me out as a douchebag at least do it for something I actually did. I admit I participated in framing redox as a furry, but never a racist. That was niegil’s doing.


So niegil used your realmeye account to post a screenshot of someone with your name on discord?



it looks to me like redox used his realmeye account to post a screenshot of niegil using his discord account to take a screenshot of a misquote and pin it

if you could point me toward the xaklor in this image that would be lovely


You posted it on the thread with no context as to why that was pinned so ickabods sorta right.

However u didint know what was going on afaik and ment to mainly show the “mods be fags” part.

Ur both right. Stap


How the hell did we get so offtopic?


Y’all f00kers just won’t ban me and bitched about me trying to get attention



Banned! Now get off the forums!

Merry Christmas!


Why would anyone think that was real in the first place, both Niegil and Redox are black


I thought it was real…


Wow, I saw the name tedox and was about to click on the name to see who it really was.
Too much time on realmeye discord


niegil lives in mali does that mean hes black NO IT DOESNT





you think i care?

fck no.

At least the whole forums doesn’t spaz about it.


When you answer with memes to try and cool down the conversation but you get an angry answer, it’s time to leave…


scorch: wrong statement that is incorrect
Ender: You’re wrong