The Farewell Thread


Not necessarily, plenty of people can get hacked even when they haven’t used a hacked client.


I play exclusively on steam


You know you can use a hacked client even on steam


c’ya later then.


honestly, I think the best way to deal with this is to find another game. My account is the best its ever been but I still rarely play. Unfortunate that you got hacked but there’s always something else to do instead. Personally I’ve been getting into Smash ultimate, Minecraft and Breath of the Wild in the last few months and by finding other games that I enjoy I doubt I’d even be upset if my realm account was perma banned just because there’s always another game I can play instead. Hope this helps in your future endeavors.


Can’t be affected by hackers if you don’t give a damn about the game in the first place


Aww mann. I knew you :cry:. Ill miss uuuuuuuu!


If you want any game reccomendations, I can give some (though these are dependant on how good your PC runs)

SCP:Secret Laboratory (free on Steam)

Destiny 2 (sorta free on Steam)


Risk of Rain 2

good luck on finding other games to play, if you havent already


yea ill definitly try destiny 2
ive already played a fair bit of secret lab, but i really need like a good social group to have fun there


There is one good thing about being bad, even if i do ever get hacked, hackers wont have anything to get!


MCC comes out on steam soon and Project A looks sick too


I’d personally reccomend the Peanut worshippers servers, their rule set and plugins are good, and the players are usually fun to play with.

I was actually talking about MCC in discord earlier because I seen it was still “coming soon” on my wishlist, is their an actual confirmed date for it?


just wait for half life 3


Not sure, but they keep posting about every month that they have a lot of progress done towards it




LMAO this dude denying that he is hacking when there is a video…
16 mins ago
ngl I believed you at first…
But now Solars idk man
People only get hacked when they hacked before…
I would have been fine if you admitted that you have hacker prior maybe I would give some sympathy. But you said that you “play on stream” and have “never hacked”…


In this case he was previously hacking, he also clearly lied about playing on steam as the uploader of the video logged into his account on flash. Unless you’re just being dumb with your information the large majority of accounts which are hacked have been people who have hacked on them, and their information was leaked. There are obviously people who do get hacked without using a client but you are wrong to say that it is ‘‘plenty of people’’.


Ngl this has me mad because I believed him at first…






I want to hear his comeback…

Niegil is pretty quick to update ppl ngl