The Inner Workings machine secret!


Bunungo can you confirm using bee helm during the fight/boss death is what triggers the prompt?


I’m currently running another machine to confirm


can i suggest 15 or 16, the number of classes


So far it seems to overflow and set everything to 0.


Guys I think we might need to try the Cave of 1000t since @toastrz said we have to read the patch notes


Good idea


I’m in Inner Workings right now. Let me know what do I input in the calculator.


something other than 65535*1


Just try to get to 65535 somehow.


no keys in usw anymore sorry


Using the bee helm might make since. Considering “bug” and bees are bugs.


could you post a screenshot of the mimimap (zoomed out to show the entire ‘circuit board’ - curious what values its holding at the moment


Can confirm, bee helm gets the prompt and ppebtwxd is the password.


2nd machine promt confirmed with bee helm thanks to daanoh. Seems consisten enough


this is the password


map was not fully explored


thats a thick line of '1’s its got going on. this will take a while.

But its holding all ‘1’ though, so that’s certainly not gonna end up as 0 :slight_smile:



what part of spam it in chat do you not understand

saying something you’re not even certain of, as if you’re certain of it.
I asked people to swap to a different server because I wanted to contribute and the server was unplayable. Literally seconds it takes to swap to a more stable server. I asked a few times, because everyone was minding their own business instead of trying to coordinate.

then + the trolling of conflicting answers. People not wanting to spoil the fun, or are they just trolling? At some point it ruins the experience. So yeah it’s a bit frustrating.
Those people left behind are then ignored when other problems arise.



fellas can we get actual screenshots confirming these? everyone’s shouting different solutions with no evidence.