The Inner Workings machine secret!


Which one are you referring to when you say middle?


ok ty!


I saw that you cannot run from me


I see what happened, i think you guys goofed. (Should have listened to craig!!!)

It multiplied 65535 by zero. This happened because loading ONE went wrong, as yo ucan see in the very bottom right it is not holding a multiplier and multiplicand. Just zero.

Did any player stay in the red border after activating the dot for it? Because craig warns that you must always stay in the red borders.

The server suspends distant objects from executing every tick, so something frail like a copy of one regsiter to the other 1 bit at a time (copying the 1 in the top right of that module to the 3rd register from the bottom up) was missed.


wait so we have to breadcrumb the entire dungeon?


the dungeon is the end


This is so confusing


inner workings is lh 1.0 confirmed


At least one player must stand in any active red rectangle at any time, or the results become unreliable due to infrequent tick updates.

Paraphrasing craig here. Knew i shouldnt have allowed players to TP after listening to all of what he says :wink:


Rip my game crashed D:


of the 3 “registers” (lines) in the red rectangle for output division, the middle one. I put a small red underline on it for this screenshot.


If you don’t know for it yet… oh well.

I am just disappointed, me and the realmeye bros just made all that for nothing. 9 hours of work.


So, no one spawned the chest yet?


We just calculated 80x1, it only took a couple of minutes POG!


Correct, the system wasnt deadlocked. It was just calculating 0 divided by 10, writing the output and resetting.


Ohh I see, thanks :] I still don’t understand what we’re trying to do hahaha I understand that the bottom two things are to input a summation/multiplication etc, still unsure what the top numbers do


my small brain has decreased in size, yet again


Whatever chest you are speaking of, it is not in the innerworkings or related to this ARG. That must be something related to the event in the machine.


Wait question, so this had nothing to do with the chest and skins?
EDIT: oh.
But how do you get the chest!?
I haven’t seen it at all.


I’ve seen someone with an April Fools skin so someone must have done this.