The Introduction Thread


How is it going?
I’m doing fairly good!
I’m kinda new to RotMG (100hrs).


Hello. I am Kevin.


Hi, my name is Kageboshi.

My name comes from a ninja star that drops from…

This cunt here ^
daichi is gay


Well hello realmeye!! my name is modoz and i rlly like this community and great job with the forums


Welcome to the forums!

Here’s a pixelated cookie for joining :cookie:


THANKS :smile:


i dont see it


The cookie? Press ctrl shift J and see what’s wrong


Now i see it!


Hi! My name is ShatterFan because I’m a fan of .

Haven’t played ROTMG in a long time, my old account got hacked which is why I quit. Glad to see the game is improving, can’t wait to play all the new stuff :smiley:.

Oh and @Captain kys :wave: stealing my part.


Hey i’m FIuff! Old player, and was playing on other accounts until now, when I created a new account. New, but experienced in lots of high-level dungeons. Hope I can join Boop Troop…


##Hi @FIuff Welcome to the forums!
###Have a :cookie:!


hi everyone after taking a break from realm im backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
i forget what movie thats from




Hey everyone :slight_smile: ! This is something i have been meaning to do for a long time now as i have been on these forums for about half a year now but im usually not logged in so i know most of you even though you might not know me, Anyways i hope to have some fun times with you all!! P.S English is my first language but i type fast so i always make typos so dont make fun xd


Well late welcome to the forums. Also pls look at the date before posting, necrobumps are not very nice :<


oh i thought that was ok for these threads my bad xd


you know this is a pinned thread right? the likeliness of this being closed is slim. these kinds of threads are ok to bump because it is a popular thread. what you are saying is that 20+ days should not be bumped. if the whitebag thread was inactive, would you bump it?
anyway, no hate but just wanna let you know some threads are ok to bump. no need to go around telling people not to bump things :slight_smile:


Yea it’s okay to bump these threads, but a 20 day bump isn’t something you should do without thinking. :slight_smile:


well someone has to do it