The Introduction Thread


holy dong lol
why isnt myname there rip forum addict status


I orginally got in october too, but I lost it for a few months due to bad behavior (flags)


Hello, I’m godowl and this is my first time back to the forums after 3 months



@mynamerr dont worry here are a pair of great tits to make you feel better


Actually false, the 4 who did get it the first day all lost reg. JawsJakt, Piggby, Poopythell and Uniquorn. Jason and I got it the day after, then the others a bit later.


Hi I’m a Paperclip


Hi! Welcome to the forums! :cookie:


hello once upon i time i snapped one of your kind in half with a pair of plyers

welcome to the forums :cookie:


Hello all, I am BabyFaced.




Welcome to forum :cookie:


Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay on the forums.


Hello, I am a pair of beautiful rainbow boots.

Welcome, traveller.


aren’t we all


I just have one question, why if i’m orange star in game in the forums i appear with a blue one…


Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Er, I mean log out and back in again


Let me try right now.


Ayy look at that


Wow, thanks you!!


Hi I am new here and to rotmg!