The Introduction Thread


Welcome mate, stay a while and listen.

Edit: go away


why would you tell a new player to go away ;( it’s not like he’s an obvious alt or anything…



“Not like he’s an obvious alt or anything”




ahh haven’t introduce myself in 1 month and a half for now, so here it is.

hello everyone, I’m princemth, but people can just call me prince. I play rotmg very often, while posting forums in the background. its been 1 month and a half since I came here, and it seems people are kind of nice hanging around. my goal in this pixelated game is to get a white star and try reaching the legends, one day. I usually play when I have enough time to do so. and thats all I can say everyone :slight_smile:


avoid basically everyone who is toxic if you think that this player base is nice, but most people on the forums are nice. Mostly


saw bunch of toxicers on game recently, and btw if ye guys don’t see me on USW, its because I live on PH :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, I’m fairly certain that’s an alt.

TNSN said “i do not have an alt acc that meets those requirements.”

So fairly certain.


Don’t forget me, I got it on the 50th day smh

wait your comment is pretty old xd




Iḿ godowl and i have quit realm


Welcome to the forums @SELFlSH!


wait, there is unselfish AND selfish now?


No… Unselfish got banned, so Selfish is his alt


meh, if I got banned I would just play the game more instead of going on realmeye.


You could say he has… ulterior motives


don’t you mean he has a burning passion for reading?


Precisely it’s good to stay informed on the current news in the realm


but also you have to appreciate classical literature, make sure to read a lot of books!

books books books!
slammed on head by moderator