The Introduction Thread


nooooo!!! this cant be! :scream::scream_cat:


Have a :cookie:

Wait no…
My :cookie:

Have a :cup_with_straw::cake:

Edit: @Doc do you actually?


Shax and BotMakeout seemed pretty similar

As a coincidence Bot has left so closely to Gaod joining that it just seemed like a cheap knockoff thirsty boi replacement, words cheap knockoff used not to insult but rather Bot was at least twice as thirsty


I know your IP address. Therefore, I know where all of you live.

Don’t worry, I won’t use it for anything… maybe.


Doccy woccy can do stalky



both vpns and tor are slow as hell lmao




sup started playing again after about a year ish :smiley:





I want to reintroduce myself since I guess im coming back! not sure if i did this before

Hi I’m scorchmist.

  • Former active forumer
  • mercher (with the best prices :wink: )
  • abyss obssessionist
  • key collector (collects but never uses them :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • proud derviation member
  • only person who knows @Uniqourn 's face. I should draw a picture of it.
  • Weird Idea maker
  • university student
  • chinese canadian
  • lover of the ‘lesser’ classes (assassin, sorc, samurai, hunt, mystic, pala, etc.)
  • former skin collector (until ut skins)
  • tennis, badminton player and kickboxer
  • book writer (if i ever finish)


Edit: dont read. i quit again. after i found out abysses are hard to find.


I’m Santeripe, Santer for short. IGN is Lagerbuoy (don’t ask why).
I sometimes make sprites.


Oh hi. I’m back.

Probably. At least I play rotmg again.

Anyone here remembers me? It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.

For those who don’t, I’m basicly a bullet hell games addict, especially touhou games (nopenopenopedefinitlynotatouhoufanatic) and I’ve started playing rotmg a few weeks before Kabam took over (so yeah, a long time ago).

I play most classes as long as I have fun with them, my favorites being trickster, wizard and bow classes. I usually look for difficulty and fun, so I rarely farm for hours on the same dungeon, and never fametrain. I don’t have a main server, as I just go from one to another, usualy to join my guildies.

Also collecting tarot cards for absolutly no reason, so if you got any I don’t have yet don’t hesitate to contact me.



Yeah, I remember you. Nice person and fun to talk to :smile:


Trickster best class

I remember you, welcome back


hi mr eskimo


It’s nice to see some people remember me :smiley:

Either way I won’t be online alot of the time, but I should at least come by a few times a week.


:slight_smile: :+1:


I would imagine most people remember you.


Hello! My name is OmicronOne. I like to use Warriors and Wizards.
Nice to meet you all!