The Introduction Thread


You missed all the Painful events


no need, this is more of a q and a type instead

but welcome back! I recognize you!

[I’ve merged it, I would have left had it been in Q+A but seemed more a general “I’m back” announce. -Nevov]


hello strangers im robotpenis

im new to these forums, i used to play before but ive lost everything about my old account during a pc reset a year ago or so im coming back to the game and trying to get playing again :+1:

made my new account like 5 minutes ago and hope to get epic loot soon lol

any tips or tricks would be kindly appreciated thanks fellas!


play without trading or using pets lol




Hello everyone!

I left the forums some time ago, like about two weeks ago.

After some time I decided I would quit RotMG, at least temporarily. It takes up too much of my time for a permadeath game, and I likely won’t come back for a long time. The Unity port will likely bring me back for a while. If it’s decent I’ll stick around.

That aside, I will stay on the forums. This community and the various forumers I’ve met are great, and I don’t want to leave. You’re all great :heart:

I know noone cares much, but I’ve been sick since just before Christmas (made Christmas day pretty horrible tbh) with a bladder infection. That was my reason for leaving, along with wanting to spend more time on other things. I’m now on my second wave of antibiotics and will be having tests done, but I’ll recover soon.

That aside, hello, I’m back! :smile:


Welcome back! I’ve missed you :heart:


I hope your bladder stays healthy!
I just had to be put on an antibiotic drip fir mhm infected knee for 4 hours, not fun at all. Medical service in Malawi tends to be like that.


Rip. Your knee is better now though, right?


Yes, luckily!


I’d suggest not investing any time into your account, and instead creating a new account that doesn’t have the word “penis” in the name.


I dunno if I really made a cool post here

Hi am GGaodzilla, I’ll be in your care until I eventually quit RoTMG :slight_smile:


You joined at least a few months ago though wtf


hi, im not sure if y’all have met me but im arexrew, im a civilian DESPITE WHAT TOAST AND WUNDER SAY, i main warrior and i have big gay

nice to meet y’all


Hello. I also Just Joined The Forum.


I am @Fluffegan’s minion. Fl00Fy is my master and I will abide by him.
[Fluff made me write the first part, i’m a friend of him in new york (NOT the npe fluff was talking about)]
I like bagels and I love cheese. I want to add my creative ideas to the forum!


Goes well together.


@fluffegan @fiuffegan uh oh


Welcome to the forum! Have a :cookie:.

Enjoy your time here.


Hey! Welcome to the forums! If you ever see me ingame gimme a shout and I would be happy to get you some items to give you a kick start.