The Introduction Thread


I decided that maybe I’ll start playing realm again or at the very least start reading forums again. Wonder if anyone remembers who I am.


;-; ~~Hime-sama OwO

(Did i say that right or was it phrased differently?)


I found it!


D…dag nabbit Realm! Pulling me back from SBA so fast…

Aight fine, I’m back uwu




oh god i cant quit this game but i dont have the motivation to play on this acc and spend money help me


Hello, my name is YesButNo, I’m a nerdy teen living in California. I enjoy drawing, eating, sleeping, and playing RoTMG.

If you get the meme reference in my username, props to you! Have a cookie :cookie:


oh god i get the meme lol. also im exactly like you(nerdy depressed teen in California with extordinary time management skills) except i dont enjoy drawing and feel rotmg is too grindy.

but i cant quit, i strive to be well-rounded in everything i do.


Hasn’t that meme been dead for a while?


Hello. I was some irrelevant red star named Orainic but I can’t get into that account. Been around long enough to remember explicit homosexual fanfic of an aptly named Paladin on the WildShadow forums. Still trash.


i’ve seen everything


I’m back and I’m going to get back my role as the no life Regular! but I’m not sacrificing my children


don’t keep us waiting d:


hey guys its me for the 3rd time


Hey, how is life going?

Also have some :cake:


no u :cake:


Omg welcome have cookie :cookie: !!


You look very cool and have cool name


Forgot to do this when I first came here.

Hi, it’s Richie, your resident pessimistic memer.


So if I reintroduce my main can I get regular back? Like can I request to get the role back?
Btw my name is InfamousX and I approve this message.

And my competitor Darkawaii is trying to sabotage me watch out

I told you. Sabotage!