The Last Hero - Rogue ST Set

This is something separate from the Skuld set, and is not meant to be a replacement or anything similar. It’s simply something for fun, and an outside project.
Fun fact: I based this set purely off of “No More Heroes” by Aviators, and it is reflected through the descriptions, as each references a different section of the Chorus.

The Last Hero
The Keeper’s Cutter

ST - The Last Hero Set
The perfect blade of a fallen hero. Crackles of thunder in the sky follow its wielder, hinting at the irreversible disaster brought upon the Realm.

Shots: 2 (Parallel)
Damage: 180 - 240
Range: 6
Shot Speed: 14
Rate of Fire: 33%
On Equip:
+2 Defense
+6 Vitality
Fame Bonus: 6%
Feed Power: 1250

This is what parallel shots look like:
Cloak of Retribution

ST - The Last Hero Set
A scorched cloak protected by a veil of darkness. As the world crumbles at the seams, those who wear this cloak are said to be protected from the surrounding demise.

Teleport to cursor
Effect on Self:
Invisible for 4.5 Seconds
Berserk for 4.5 Seconds
On Equip:
+20 Maximum HP
+5 Attack
+4 Vitality
MP Cost: 140
Fame Bonus: 6%
Cooldown: 6.5 Seconds
Feed Power: 1125

Garments of the Immortal

ST - The Last Hero Set
The only entity in existence that has successfully survived being struck by the power of the bleeding sun. It remains tarnished, yet infinitely powerful.

On Equip:
+110 Maximum HP
+13 Defense
+5 Vitality
-5 Attack
Fame Bonus: 6%
Feed Power: 1050

Locket of Distant Memory

ST - The Last Hero Set
A fragment of the past, before all of the heroes fell from grace. As the sky fell, this lost locket was blessed with the remaining power of the Last Hero. Carry it well.

On Equip:
+120 Maximum HP
+5 Defense
Fame Bonus: 6%
Feed Power: 1000

The Last Hero Set Bonus

Bonus for 2 Items Equipped:
+50 Maximum HP
+5 Attack
Bonus for 3 Items Equipped:
+5 Vitality
+5 Dexterity
Bonus for 4 Items Equipped:
+5 Attack
+5 Dexterity

ST Skin:

I only did the small one for sanity purposes.


those sprites are big nut


The weapon is super powerful (dagger has much much more dps than foul, with increased range and higher damage vs armored). The cloak is also very strong. The armor and ring is more or less balanced around other st sets. I feel like these items are more of a unofficial set that drops from white bags, kind of like the purification priest set or the coral huntress set, as the feed power and item strength is very high. I do love the sprites and theme though, it must have taken a lot of effort to create all of these.


love these sprites


Oh, crap, I 100% forgot that the damage on the dagger was based around buffed dagger damage. I’ll fix that part.

For the cloak, that is true, but it’s the best way I was able to create an “ambush” cloak. I can increase the MP Cost a bit, but not too much else needs to really be done.

Regardless, thanks! It was honestly fun to make everything, much like everything else I post here, and the vague theme that I got from listening to the song made it all the more satisfying.


It is obviously OP and not balanced with current top tier items.


It’s centered more around The Void levels of difficulty in terms of a dungeon, which is why the stats are really high up there. All things considered, I wouldn’t call everything OP per se, even if there’s some things I have to get around to nerfing just a tad more.


Dagger’s cool. DPS is good compared to the immense range and whatnot, but there’s two separate shots that run parallel, so hitting both is much more challenging making it balanced. VIT is nice to have as well. I assume the shots wouldn’t be Red and Purple though(?) considering the rest of the set sports a very rustic brown and other wise darker colours. Maybe more yellowish, since the description hints to something about thunder?

Cloak’s pretty crazy but I’d say it’s still balanced since berserk isn’t even mandatory in many situations and is also going to be gutted when the berserk changes drop (so I assume it’d be replaced with a flat DEX boost like Bloody Surprises). It just seems like a solo environment rogue’s wet dream (being extremely powerful in situations where you are by yourself) and then otherwise it’s cost/cooldown bears down on you and isn’t worth wearing unless you have the rest of the set, so it’s pretty cool.

Armor could do with a slight DEF reduction perhaps. I’ve always had a thing against equipment sacrificing tons of DPS for tankiness but not vice verca. Since this is a permadeath, and SB is non-existent, in almost all situations tankiness is optional unless dying to a certain boss is nigh on impossible. But then again, compared to Hydra, it’s like -9 DEX (since 5 ATT = roughly 4 DEX on a rogue in terms of damage) and -1 DEF for 100 HP. I still think that the health is slightly more valuable, and considering this is an ST piece, it should be more niche and less practical unless other ST pieces are worn.

Ring is pretty good right now (aside from literally completely overshadowing Bloodstone ring; then again, that ring isn’t very top-tier based on what it drops from) and is a reasonable alternative to most tank rings, namely the king of neverdying, the Ring of Decades, but the VIT might actually become a problem when the new VITMOD drops. 10 VIT is a fucking hefty amount when you consider that. TBH, I’d prefer if this ring lost like 10/15 HP for 2 more DEF, because then the armor and ring are both missing stats (HP and DEF) that the other has, rounding up the set as a WHOLE (since ST pieces should always be looked as a whole) quite nicely.

You say it’d drop from void difficulty stuff, so it does allow for some of the more extreme aspects of it, but even then, the feed power is quite nutty. You’d have to be pretty stupid to feed these items anyway, but I think those go a tad overboard. Nonetheless though, conceptually it’s pretty sick; it fits a niche, compliments the other pieces well, has a good theme that is consistent throughout and some really sexy looking sprites. Good shit overall.


Yeah, the shots aren’t blue and purple. That’s just what a current item that has the parallel function looks like in the place where this is for, so it felt easiest to use it as an example. As for the shots, the thunder is mentioned as a crackling in the background, which implies that it isn’t using thunder, but thunder follows it.

I’ve been careful about not making this super OP, since it’s already extremely strong with Berserk. But the main thing about the set is that it’s meant to be for solo play, which is heavily hinted at with the name of the set: The Last Hero. Having it use Berserk instead of something like +DEX makes it feel more like this, since it can’t synergize with a Warrior like Bloody Surprises can a Paladin.

I also removed the HP gain from it, and instead moved some DEF over to it so that it didn’t lose everything.

I did a rework on stats overall. Instead of 100 HP and 16 DEF, it’s 120 HP 13 DEF and 5 VIT. The -ATT remains there so that it still has drawbacks for the amount of power it has.

I upped the DEF by 1 and the HP by 5, while also removing the VIT and putting it with the set bonus. Nothing much else to note there. Makes it still very useful, but not really broken overall.


I really like the stat re-balancing you did with the items; the set has overall stayed the same, but the pieces had their powers shifted proportionately. My favourite part is the 2/3 piece bonuses. There are very few ST sets where using 2/3 pieces is actually worth, and this might be one of the ones where it’s not only worth it, but greatly incentivized. Here’s just some theorizing with the combinations I saw most practical:

Armor + Ring + 2 Piece ST Bonus = 300 HP, 18 DEF, 5 VIT
Wyrm + Decades = 190 HP, 18 DEF, 5 DEX
Wrath’s Brigandine + Ring of Decades = 270 HP, 14 DEF (shits on what was the old HP set which is pretty epic)

So clearly, it’s very, very viable and actually works well with the right items. Now let’s move onto 3 piece combinations:

Armor + Ring + Cloak + 3 Piece ST Bonus = 300 HP, 20 DEF, 15 VIT, 5 ATT, 5 DEX
Wyrm + Decades + Planewalker = 190 HP, 18 DEF, 9 DEX, 5 SPD
Wyrm + Decades + Bloody = 190 HP, 20 DEF, 2 VIT, 5 DEX
Wrath’s Brigandine + Decades + Planewalker = 270 HP, 14 DEF, 4 DEX, 5 SPD
Wrath’s Brigandine + Decades + Bloody = 270 HP, 16 DEF, 2 VIT

Basically, if you’re willing to always use the cloak, this set not only is more tanky than most other tank sets, it also deals a hefty amount of damage, only losing to the higher end damage items (which don’t have tankiness anyways). If you replace cloak with dagger, and use swapout cloaks, it’s more or less the same pattern (since daggers don’t net any stat boosts anyways). Overall, very solid set now.

But yeah, the stat re-balancing really helps this set balance wise, and practical wise with some theory crafting.


I went back and edited stats some more, since I don’t want to COMPLETELY invalidate other combos and such.

Added 2 Defense and increased Vitality by 1.

Changed the 2 Defense to 20 HP, reduced Vitality by 1.

Reduced HP by 10.

Reduced HP by 10.

Overall, this will make these bonuses more dispersed without feeling like it’s FORCING you to use the items. The Leather isn’t nearly as all-powerful as it was before, but I don’t feel like that’s an issue, because Wraith is just straight kinda OP, whereas I like more balanced items.

The Ring also feels more like an ST ring, even if it is still super good, because it adds to the set well but isn’t a requirement to use. You can use different combos to get better bonuses depending on what you want like this, but it still provides something quite meaningful. That was my intention from the beginning.


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