The new alien points doesn't work


I have already eaten 3 alien green things from the event and no one of them gave me a point. How this is possible? I also “wasted” a 100 got from the thinker eating it and still nothing. pls help

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Did the bar at the bottom move? I think the points don’t show until you reach rank 1. Just a visual bug.


Have you actually unlocked it? If so, did you wait for the confirmation in chat that you redeemed the points?


The little blue diamond did not ever change for me and still says 0, but I have claimed the first level (wis candy and two clovers). If you are not spending money, hover over your next goal (i.e. level 1, 2, etc.) to see how much more you need.

I thought the exact same thing as you did until it all clicked for me this morning.


Yea I believe it’s a visual glitch, and your points should be registering. I was concerned cuz I saw that I used 2 alien tech but the campaign said “no rank”, but scrolling to the bar below, I could see that the points have registered. So don’t fret, chances are, you are gaining the points you’ve earned~


If you eat them and it says the yellow message that you’ve earned the campaign points then you are good, the game has recorded it even if the menu screen is buggy and the your correct total doesn’t show up for a while.


If you get a different message you probs haven’t unlocked/started the campaign, to start it go to the shop and it’s on the menu there, press the button to start the campaign:


The progress bar should always show you exactly how many remain:


theres a campaign???


Bruh. Seriously?

He was recovering from treatment for cancer.


mb sorry f l o o f y hope you ain’t angery


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