The UT Buffing Thread


Easy enough to understand. All of these weapons are a bit lackluster currently, and I want to give them a chance at redemption!

Ancient Stone Sword
340 - 390 Damage -> 320 - 390 Damage
60% Rate of Fire -> 67% Rate of Fire
10 Projectile Speed -> 9 Projectile Speed
4% Fame Bonus -> 5% Fame Bonus

This buff isn’t a huge deal, but it means a lot. Originally, the DPS takes a good while to reach Acclaim, but with this change it reaches it quicker than before. Of course, it’s slow still, and the shots are a tad slower as well, but it packs much more of a punch.

Doku No Ken
120 - 150 Damage -> 110 -> 140 Damage
0.5 Amplitude -> 0.4 Amplitude
120% Rate of Fire -> 133% Rate of Fire

Much like Ancient Stone Sword, it loses a bit of damage, but the Rate of Fire increase gives it a lot more traction. It also becomes a bit easier to hit! Sadamune will still beat it early, but not enough to render it completely useless.

Ray Katana
111 Damage -> 120 - 135 Damage

Easy. The damage of Ray doesn’t exactly help make it all that usable, even if it has very high range, but this way it’ll be more usable while not breaking the meta. For reference, it still does less damage than Masamune by 15 min and 45 max, and less than Sadamune by 25 min and 50 max.

Coral Bow
60 - 80 Damage -> 70 - 90 Damage
7.77 Range -> 6.76 Range

Not a very big buff, but a buff nonetheless. The added 120% Rate of Fire still helps the bow a lot, now allowing it to surpass T12 a fair amount more! The loss in range won’t do too much, either, since ranged bows already exist, and that isn’t much of what CBow’s niche is.

If you have you own thoughts on buffs to give to UTs, then hey, feel free to post 'em. This thread ain’t just for me!


You’re saying that if the damage gets nerfed, then the damage per shot goes up??

I don’t think that a.s.s really needs a buff anyway, I’m surprised you didn’t mention csword instead.

Your suggested changes are alright, I can understand wanting a higher RoF, but I think nerfing both damage and projectile speed is a bit much. Imo a.s.s should be filling the role of ‘high damage, lower rate of fire’ so personally I wouldn’t want to see this implemented though :sweat_smile:

This is okay, though nowadays range is hardly ever that big of a deal so I don’t see covert/t13 being used over coral bow much with the damage buff.

…eeeh. I find I prefer Doku with its wavy shots as I hardly ever miss my shots with it anyway, and it actually makes it easier to hit enemies. It already does less damage than its tiered competitors so this is just going to make it even worse versus high def enemies.

Don’t see a problem with this. A lot of people do complain that ray’s pretty bad, so a slight damage buff might make it more popular.

Personally I think csword could do with a buff, I’m not that good with numbers but if it hit multiple enemies it would be an easier to access Indomp that has good range and is easier to hit with, given it doesn’t have a stupid rate of fire. Even if it turns out too strong then reducing the damage would be enough to bring it in line with other weapons.


I feel like the Trap of the Vile Spirit needs a buff or a rework. Seeing it as an event white compared with the cdirk, jugg, and conflict really highlighted just how comparatively bad it is. It’s not the highest raw damage trap, or even the highest atk boosting trap. Personally I’d like to see it get a rework in line with its origin, like maybe a damage nerf but it gives unstable or drunk to enemies, or even daze


Dividing the Damage by the RoF(as a decimal) gives higher numbers, and in turn, higher DPS. I didn’t go through with a DPS Calculator out of laziness.

Also, A.S.S. has been pretty lacking in oomph for some time, even if it’s a sidegrade to CSword. Not enough damage to really count, but also not enough range to truly compete with CSword. ESPECIALLY not Colo, now.

The shots are still wavy, but a tiny bit less so. Also, higher Rate of Fire weapons are always going to be worse against higher Defense enemies, that’s their weakness and rightfully so.

For lower Defense, Doku would be very capable of holding its own, and for higher defense, just switch to Sadamune or another katana. This simply upgrades its initial DPS so it’s worth using over Sadamune at all. (It literally never beats Sadamune.)

My own personal take on it is simply adding 0.25 range and 10% more RoF. Keeps it from being outrageous, but gives it a bit more reliability and leverage over Colo.

This is absolutely true. Increasing damage and range while lowering the MP Cost a tiny bit is how I’d go about it.


Damage per shot is different to damage per second, which is what I was pointing out


Would personally like to see Esben better fit itself into its niche as a multihit staff, preferably by giving it more area to cover instead of the weird shape it currently has as its firing pattern.

Doku needs to settle for a niche, too - it just tries to be too many things at once, imo.

I personally don’t see a problem with Ray Katana atm. It’s not as strong as tiered katanas, but that’s cause it shouldn’t be. Having that set amount of damage makes it consistent, and stand out just a little.

I don’t know for sure about the CBow changes. I guess they’re alright, but honestly, I just want tiered bows to become consistent with the other tiered weapons…
Slap their current niche of triple shot on the Void Bow, lower the damage slightly, give it armor piercing, done.


Yes, I know this. I’m simply saying that I was using something simpler.

It absolutely has higher DPS, due to the RoF increase, regardless of that tiny loss in damage. That’s what’s important.

Also, @Seelpit, Doku was fine before other katanas came and took what Doku’s niche was.


I’d say dbow and cdirk. Increase Dbow’s rate of fire even a bit. Also cdirk is outclassed by ripper and ethierite. It’s a event white. It should be useful for more than a cool sprite.


No. No. No.
Doku was broken.

It outdamaged all Katanas while having higher range. It had virtually no downside bar its barely-impeding shot pattern. Calling it “fine” would be like calling the old LoD a dungeon with clever shot patterns - it’s objectively not true.


No, I don’t think you know what I mean.

DPS stands for damage per second, but you said damage per shot in your original post which is something quite different. The damage per shot is lowered, but damage per second is increased, which I already knew when I saw your first post


how about instead of buffing “bad” uts we nerf “good” uts to make power creep less severe


Um all of those have somewhat sub-par damage because they have somewhat more range. A little for ASS and Doku, a lot for Ray Katana. That is the main reason for using all of them but you seem to have ignored that in your calculations.

Except CBow which you think needs less range because ? … It certainly does not need a buff, being a straight upgrade in almost every aspect from tiered bows, but buffing its damage while reducing its range just makes it less interesting, more like a tiered bow.


I don’t mean before the katana buff where Doku was made to be more on par with tiered katanas…


I literally explained what I meant.


Thank you! I think this is also an issue with the proposed cbow buff; before it was nerfed relative to the tiered bows, bow classes weren’t really worth playing without it. Obviously we now have several other viable UT/ST options in the game which can be factored in, but the point is that cbow and doku were nerfed by DECA to balance them and encourage the use of tiered alternatives. We don’t need to go back.

I also disagree with the Ancient Stone Sword change, since I do think that a higher RoF does take it out of its niche.

Despite these, I do agree with the ray katana buff.


60% -> 67% is still slow but ok boomer



God damnit John, you’re smart enough to understand what I’m trying to get at here.

Your original post is confusing due to what I already said a few times. You might want to correct that.


“when divided by 0.6”

It’s actually multiplied, but the point of that stands.


Surely you understand that you only need to add one sentence and change ‘shot’ to ‘second’ for that to make sense?


buff pyra to +100 hp +5 def +5 atk

not much but at least it gives more def than expo now