The White Bag Thread v3


Don’t do what you did with the bracer though, if you need something of rare tier just use cringe and candy coated or other things like that


What bps should farm for to use it on? I’m currently maining wizzy


52nd MBC [1st MBC White] [Also got an OMNI blueprint the void before this]


54th MBC [2nd MBC White]


This man OUY is on streak RN!



(also got tome but forgot the screenshot, just need one mark to finish the last quest.)

Oh gosh, I love this item so much. One day I’ll get it as an actual drop.

Also, apparently I forgot the screenshot, but earlier today me and a friend duoed a cult. He got the skull and I got the robe, making them both each of ours first non nest endgame dungeon white. (excluding the fungal trap I had for around six minutes.)



(spoilers) OREO! Now the only event white I don’t have is jugg * sniff *


How long did it take you to get one?


omni peanut butter


about a year lol


Boosted drop rates are real?


From Exaltation or what?


What the heck thought you were Ecookied at first glance




the rich get more interregnums but the poor don’t get any :frowning:


Isn’t it funny how that works? All the really good players seem to get the event whites and good loot, sometimes often.

Guess I’m still a bad player, then :frowning:


listen, its not a white, but damn that’s pog for my npe (also forgot to share this earlier lol)