The White Bag Thread v3


The awkward moment when I can get this bag, but not a single hivemind mace or its blueprint in the close to 200 nests I’ve done for this event… T ^T

But hey I’ll take it! I’ve been hunting that ever since a year ago so this is a big win x wx


summoner luck is insane


From nest event chest


I have been able to complete a lot more o3’s now as from the videos that the community has posted on youtube and from multiple deaths. For people wanting to do o3’s sacrifices will have to be made, a lot of sacrifices.



How often do you do wlabs?


I do every one i can. Easy dungeon for such good drops.

Post your unpopular opinions about realm here

first one and what are the odds of being on a mystic ppe


[quote=“PRCSakura, post:2248, topic:61304”]
Phat DPS Trap.
[/quote] Stormrage is rolling in her grave



Within quite literally 8 seconds after spawning in, I got a fungal bp

[WR] White Bag Speedrun (Any %)




Double-double white ! Two whites in two white bags. In fact 3/4 of the set. The other bag had the other two campaign tokens.



bruhbruhbruhbruh :how:


Cshield :eyes:


my new summoner npe is going pretty well ngl


Some of my most recent loot…

t7 scepter, forgot to take a screenshot

And then I forged this


A nice addition to my collection of items. Unfortunately, I have no interest in Rogue at the moment :<

Another maelpearl, cool.

Saving this for that phat proc :eyes:

forg foder

All of these that I’ve gotten were in like, the past three months. Wack.


Sorry if any of these are repeats, I’ve been meaning to post for way too long.

I still can’t really believe I got this! Literally I had just told my friend while in the KFC drive through that this was all I really needed on my rogue. That all other things would be nice, but I needed a Cdirk. And here it is!

And, another endgame white. That was a good week.