The White Bag Thread v3



3rd MBC white… still 0 from MBC himself though.


White bags of the week…

When you are too lazy to secure your SB on those phat Mushrooms. Sacrificed CMist, Corrupted Soul Skull and Gemstone. Definitely gonna use it on future petless character/challenges.

Was expecting Doku but sure, I’ll take.

Might as well feed few of them for another pet. Well that is if I can find MHeal/x/x (me no want Heal).

Ey got it back, after 10+ TRoom. I was not disappointed BTW. Now I just need the Cloak to complete the set again.

Finally TRoom white. 4th one BTW.

Heard it will get buffed so I decided to panik craft it.

Who want to have a pillow fight too-Knight???

TY @Mizumi :smiley:


I am definitely keeping all of my gemstones around until post-shatters rework… I have hopes that it may become something really excellent, though maybe I am overly optimistic. Still currently at 6 bracer/6 gem/ 0 crown :expressionless:


How many shatts have you done? I’ve don’t probably around 40ish post exaltations and gotten 1 gem. Haven’t actually touched the dungeon since my wizard died, though.


I have no idea. A couple hundred ever since it was released I suppose. Probably not more than 300 total though, and most of those during events. Haven’t had an ice crown either.



In proxy of Zatrax. Double white chest, which also completed his Shatters ring collection in under 40 Shatters total!



all these whitebags are what i’ve gotten throughout the week of playing the latest one was the o3 which was last night


0/2/1/2 in o3 now


I watched your O3 close call on Youtube, well from Clippex LOL. You were like “That is not good”.


“That wasn’t good… whoops!”


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I have obtained all 3 Bee Quivers!

Also, my first Oreo. ^^

Fun facts:
• Yellow quiver was on my Summoner NPE :slight_smile:
• Yellow and Red quivers were nearly back-to-back
• This Oreo came 4 days later
• What images needed to be edited for approval to post here was almost as rng based as these drops


How do I not even get 1 Beehemoth Quiver


why is it that everytime I come back from a hiatus i get a whitebag. not complaining but im noticing a pattern.


Do blueprints count?


I’m fully convinced there’s some sort of algorithm that rewards returning players with better drops until they’re hooked on the game again. This happens to me every time I take a break from Realm.


I personally think it has to do with psychology. PPE and newly returned player luck probably feels more rewarding because of the difference of mental pace from new players. And perhaps not expecting to find anything and becoming pleasantly surprised enhances those sensations all the more!

Grinding for something, on the other hand, might make many players feel as if time is dragging onward, the game withholding their much deserved loot from their paws. It’s the whole game of “what feels faster, an hour spent with a loved one doing something you both enjoy, or an hour at a crumby job you despise?”

If that makes any sense.


Everything what is rare and makes you happy counts. :slight_smile: