The White Bag Thread v3


“An eye for an eye.”



Loot of the week…

My Anointed luck goes brrrrrrrrr.


Got SJudgement from the 2nd boss and Doku on the final.

Need it to complete the set again.

Me no h8 Kageboshi but I want to try out Crossing Fire.

From the campaign.

No word…

Too bad already sac’ed it for Crossing Fire.

Not exactly what I want but I’ll take it regardless.

TY @Lily. Looks better without any dye IMO.

Never stop.

Three Runes armed and ready to be used again.

And me getting 3 loots in 1 Oryx…





you could tell i was pretty hyped about it


The fact that you took the time to type that before you picked up the bag stresses me out, lol. Congratulations on getting one of the rarest drops in the game!


I had the most insane luck during the shatters event, 5 crowns and 2 bracers (no gems tho)

Here’s the other non-shatters white I got.



just post one of your sets on flex ur sets with an entire inventory of crowns



another set completed :slight_smile:


Finding those Deathmages is a massive pain in the posterior. At least the other 3 can be tracked above Lvl20!


Oh yes, I randomly ran into it while I wanted to get to the Phoenix (you see on the map).


I don’t want to wear it.


Same. I am keeping my event whites at the top of my vault as a display of sorts. If I get a second one, perhaps I will consider using it.


some feed power


last part of the set. . . twice! do I need to say more?


Loot of the week…

One Fungal, 2 loots. I need that BPlate for my MHeal-only Knight. Also, Kunai from Worm Mom, that’s 2/4 of the set completed.

From the recent community campaign.

After getting the 4th tome for the discount Crown.

Forge material???

Same reason for Dummy.

That face when you get 4 Mercies for no reason… Clover goes brrrrrr.

Sac’ed it for uh… Esben’s Wedding Ring.

After 11 months of w8ing… I got her! Now Sakura and Dummy both have the same skin ;D

TY @Poshun (pretty sure you made this skin).

Also… June 25th…