The White Bag Thread v3


Definitely not recent :smiley:
Joshawsum (and PRCSakura) were right, it’s about early 2012


Besides the amulet, it’s just cool to see a screenshot of Mattyfatty and Nevov playing the game. :slight_smile:



very first halls of the event


Ok finally, here is the video (watch it @ 1080p for the best result):




Holy smokes, dude. I have literally never seen that before. Does it come from the minions or the boss? It looks like it is from Stheno herself; that has to be like legendary egg magnitude rarity.


So I can feel lucky? Got it at least twice.


Or perhaps I am unlucky. I just know I have done many hundreds of snake pits and never seen one. I got two bulwarks before the drop rate increase, and never saw the skin. I don’t know when it was added to the game, but if it has been there for this whole last decade I have been playing, it is crazy rare.


Well… it’s a skin. Most of those are incredibly rare, and not all are well known drops (especially pet skins), probably because people don’t talk about them often.



From stheno… didn’t even know that was in her drop tables. I thought i got another brown bp.


i got a boner

oh my god its so hot




I’m so jealous of all these skins people are posting :flushed:
Congrats, all!


Not much in this week but…

2/4 of the set complete except… me won’t touch 3D…

How do you pronounce this Nordic word? Also, me main would want that ring.

Me was soloing Malogia and got 4th 7% xp DBow.

TY @Lily for that skin.


That one drops from the Horse? I obtained it from the Pumkin Master from a random Cem out of season a year ago or so. Neato!


White culmination from the LH event! This is probably the single event I have played on most, to be honest, though the first Prismimic event was also a big one for me. Lots of good loot and good fame; best yet, not a single death. I got quite lucky, and also used a very large portion of my total lucky clover collection, so time to build that up again (I’m afraid MotMG is going to crash it completely, we will see!)

My hope going into the event was to get a Brain, Breastplate, Sourcestone, and Cult Robe.

Total haul in the end:
1 Brain (!)
Multiple cuffs and garms
1 Dagger

1 MSeal
1 Potato BP (Duplicate, unfortunately)

3 Cult Staves (not a huge fan)

1 Nil
1 VQuiv
1 Omni (my first!)

And the staves gave me enough feed power to get my first O3 white. I got the Divinity BP on my first ever O3 completion, and have gotten basically just pots since then, so I am happy to be able to cash in and try this super awesome weapon.

Somehow it never occurred to me that getting omni was even a possibility, lol. It was just kind of a legend in my mind. Still chasing after that Breastplate! MBC has been very stingy with me compared to void. I’m at 1/2/0/1 MBC and 1/2/4/2/1 Void.