The White Bag Thread v3



My first prod reworked shatters white on a semi-solo! <3


How good is poison?


Extremely good! It’s a massive 1950 dmg for the centre explosion, making it essentially one of, if not, the best poisons for dealing damage. The dmg is beaten by the Tyrant Toxin’s 2400 dmg, but the cost of 120mp makes it very slightly beat the Tyrant Toxin for mp cost to dmg ratio (although Tyrant Toxin may beat it if you’re lucky with its mp proc). Not to mention it is much easier to land a hit with it as the explosion radius is quite forgiving

That’s only counting the centre explosion; This thing also deals 450 dmg to a very large radius in a form of an X shape, and it slows enemies for 3 seconds, on top of giving you 8 wis. I’ll be real: It lowkey just replaces all of the poisons, with the sole exception being the fang venom for helping your group armor break a boss.


Loot of da week (prolly the shortest one):

Literally peeked at that bag…

Eh… FP?

Frozen Anna moment.

TY @Lily

Dummy moment.

Decided to test my luck as Dummy and I got PBow. Trinket for 3/4 of the Wanderer set as well.


popped three of them and got pred bow, dagger, and claymore. good thing I didn’t use two to get another pred bow lol. also f in chat



new characters do not get better loot… or do they?

so I completed the Flesh Collector’s Set for the first time :slight_smile: looking forward to my next Assassin!


More Shatters whites for the table~


After procrastinating some of these posts, then playing mostly only Destiny 2 for a month, then grinding events for like three games, here’s way too few loot drops from way too much time.

I mean, not a white but I’ve been told that the dex drop here is actually a lower rate than the whites.

This was the piece I have been trying to get for like half a year.

…I may have lost this the same day thinking, “How much damage can a wall of shots in a slime room really do…”

I left this.
How many is this now, 27?


wow, you were very, very lucky with these gift bags. (out of about 20 bags I got one ut armor, a few shards many crap like clothes)


Still casually farming the shatters, no new whites for today, but there’s an ST seal acquired tho!

I was looking forward to a new white, not another crown ; - ;

And bonus pet skin:


How many shatters are you doing a day? How long does it take?

(I’ve been really out of the loop lol)


I don’t really count, so I’d say estimated about 8 or 9 shatters. Most of the shatters, we do them with Black Bullet, but only at night. Out of those 8 or 9, I’d semi-solo 2-3 shatters from the appetiser in realm.

Sometimes there’s people tagging with me to 1st, exceptional few make it to 2nd, but I always finish 3rd alone in the end. All in all it takes me about 50-60m per semi-solo shats, and about 30m per Black Bullet shats!

Say, if you need any tips with dealing with Shats, feel free to ask~ I know I’m mainly doing it with an Oreo paladin, but in most cases that’s really just to assist in pushing in these days x)


RNG has blessed me


Later on in that same dungeon I got another ST




got 5 st in some davy’s today and yesterday - 4 times the quiver (need the ring to complete the set again) and once the naval armor



After 40 Shatters completes, I’ve finally gotten my first non-crown King white!

I love the lute, I think it’s absolutely amazing <3