The White Bag Thread v3


Took me just 29… but it wasn’t the one I want.


Not an ogmur but I’ll take it.


im assuming these arent that common, although my st drops have been plentiful lately.

My UPE got lucky and got this the very first wlab


Also, not a white bag, but i think it belongs here


yep, died with my ogmur and shats orb so i started a new account



horn 2 and finally an st tome


#TeamSpider Lives!



Weekly Loot Dump…

From the shard event.

A dude was kind enough to pop pub DDock in W3. Managed to snag this baby unboosted.

Reskin of Brigandine

From Crab. Same story as my Concertina’s.

8 SoA marks nets me Garment reskin. Worth!

Was OMW to O3. Got DC’ed when I got to Beisa (that ended up saved my robe).


Another Realm clearing moment. 3rd overall QoT now.




Solid start I guess


staff upes are annoying, what staffs are there that aren’t tiered are you looking for?


Cstaff is a good starting point but the ones from UDL, MWoods, and the Phylacteries from a buffed Lich also aren’t too hard to go for at the start.


Use Tablet for a Tablet. Mega stonks.


I was planning on going into the shatters and recording commentary on clear to first+as far as I could get in first itself, but then said “i wont if I get a tablet or if someone calls a machine”


My first DOUBLE Osanc white, and on my no discord PPE as well!


damn, the two bits you needed too


Weekly loot dump:

From the Halloween ST crate. SSickle reskin.

Ez Feed.


More zzz.

ST crate gave me something gud again.

Why do I always get cloak when there was Manor event???


Finally a second T14 dagger (after dying with my 1st one). Deca plz make O3 tops tradable…

More zzz.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Now my main Rogue feels sexy. P.S, I nexused with that Monocle because I am a phat coward. Finally my picking-loot-up-before-screenshoting habit kicks in.

ST mystery skin… works!

About 20 minutes after getting my Monocle.

Triple loots in 20 minutes?!

More Halloween Crates…

0(1)/1/0/2 now… In need of BPlate to complete my Marble Paladin set.

Halloween pet skin… mega eww.

Dummy moment.

Just happened to stumble an ARuin and eh… Legendary FP perhaps?

I want this for Sakura…

And the Scientific Summy ST wand reskin…


Another weekly loot dump:

Bis MT almost gone wrong. +32% HP AND Damage…


I sleep.


Puri > ST’s droprate.

This skin looks ugly wtf.

Just having fun with this ST reskin… Bang bang.