The White Bag Thread v3


today… the second of these staves within 2 days :slight_smile:

and that one




gz. got it today, too. :slight_smile:


Prot + Sphinx. I know, should pick them up before taking a screenshot. But Tomb’s an exception as I often leave any bag(s) until all bosses are dead as it’s safer. Plus how else would I screenshot double whites?





today not much, but something i got the first time


A bit of loot dump… Still trying to play RotMG again…


came back to play just for bella speedrun event then they announced an event chest that drops marisa skin so i had to grind for that

needless to say i think this game wants me to play it again after it generously gave me a bunch of whites

first plague in 7 years



ayo, be super careful with that gem, its really good but hard to get, i would wait to use it until you have a really fun set to use it with.


Doing Cults for the fame, to speed my Necro to 5000, and for the Exaltations just to speed up my Necro, got these two whites too. With the skull that makes 3/4 the set, though I won’t use all three together, they’re destined for my next Sorc.


Also happened to be my first UT/ST spell on this NPE.


I did not get marisa skin
but I got pulled back into the grind :skull:

first vblade

These aren’t impressive anymore but for a returning player from 2019 they are pretty cool


You’re the one who wanted eggs right? :0





… and again completed the set. for the case I die.




gave it away to Wingednigh - he seemed to look for it for longer time.