The White Bag Thread v3


the Machine killed by Samurai few days ago. today it rewards me with my first (might be second) machine white ever


and finally… it really does exist.


My man Horst on his way to get white star.


Ohh, that’s a long way… a very long way.






been like 100,000 years since I last played, but it’s still fun
the white bag sprite is so satisfying to look at (prolly been ingrained from playing the game so much though lol)


Keyper starting out strong




ayoooooooooooooooooooo im so glad ive gotten used to nests


first void white! still no mbc white yet though(legit more o3 whites than halls what a disaster lmao)

first nest of the day

older pics from fungal event(lots of images)


omni as first white is insane, congratz


insane ppe.
Me: Oh fuck off, gemsbok again? The fuck am I supposed to get from gems a monocle?
3 minutes later:

Me: I hope i get something
5 seconds later:


we take those :person_fencing:


another stinger





oh if younger me could see me now, he’d be so jelous.

have to admit the forge kinda killed my excitement towards whitebags though. dropped what would have been an 14/10 excitment to a 8/10. always felt the classic event whites should have been excluded from it.

well ill enjoy it while its still exclusive.






long-ass grinding session with the boys.


I got a t15 robe same run, kinda dogshit