The White Bag Thread v3




TWO BRAINS ahhhhhhhh!
That thing is so elusive for me!
Congrats on all the awesome loot as always.



I got the brain everyone says it’s rare, but I still haven’t found the garments to complete the set yet.


Garments is the only piece of the set I’ve gotten as a drop lol, good armor too


Superior’s pretty good, though. I remember absolutely decimating an entire castle with it during testing, back when it was even more powerful…

Geb is pain to do solo on Knight, though slightly less so without any ice around.


Joined the fan club.


Dang bro u making me jealous


i stopped screenshotting white bags a very long time ago, but just today i got 2 fulmi 1 mad robe 1 condu horned wyrm pet skin

I also did one udl which got me both dbow and toga


A few hours before the end of the event, only item I really wanted for ppe :smiley: (first void bow too)


Double TRoom DBow in a day but no Morning Star… Clover is overpowered.


ok, better than ring, but still no souless


pretty good loot for a normal quest chest


My little strokes of luck recently

This last screenshot was me getting the Illumination sword from the previous abby, and Dbow back to back.


Ehhh. I don’t need four of these.

Still not a morning star.

Not a white, but still noticeable as I never get red bag tops, and as I only really do public endgame dungeons, this is rarer for me.
Sad note, this is my last screenshot of that beloved knight, as it died in a six man cult where I was teaching most of the others how to do it. I missed a scutum shot and got shotguned by purple. This is a character I will never forget. I am going to try and keep this ring forever, that way I will always remember that knight that taught me so much.


It feels wrong, but I left this behind.
Sadly my necro died shortly after this, as someone popped O3, and during the knife phase on the “mini” boss, my cat decided that she should stand directly in front of the monitor.

Meh. Had to get nearly 3k to get this.


One of the rarest classic UTs, and I am ecstatic to finally have it. All I need is conflict, water dragon robe and midnight star and I’d officially have gotten every rare Classic UT (aside from vanity) :blush:



qot in tarnation


omg that’s me