The White Bag Thread v3


2 puri, wavecrest, and dancing swords i think


I have so many untiered wakis… time to play a samurai… but as i roll the dice after my main char dies, it’s kinda random. (now it’s a brand new necro)


Annoying that I have to get it in the ugly present sprite (sorry to whomever designed it, It’s not ugly, just inferior to OG whitebag).

Also ignore my dyes I messed them up on accident I wanna be pitch black again.



you dare bring ogmur into o3 now? somebody has grown good at o3!


died with the ogmur xD

and this



havent posted loot here in a long time, ill make an exception here


Now it only that was a dagger instead of a sword…


First o3 complete to cheese the system. Use 2 echo prisms and a fungal breastplate to get this : )


I know it is O3 time, but …


What was it?


Doku and the armor :slight_smile:


Oh shoot that was a cdepths? Dang I thought it was a fungal lol. Not used to the new cdepths ground color


I need that. ;(

20 CDepths… no Dokus so far…

But anyways… Fed them both already.

Was soloing Manor with my semi anti-TP petless Sorcerer, managed to get this dude. Now I just need the dagger to complete the set.


Don’t we all :pensive:


btw. need the dagger (have at least 2 of cloak, armor and ring)




Died with it later in o3


This event has gone pretty well so far