The White Bag Thread v3


Was spamming UDL to get my Necromancer’s Wis maxed (needed 37 but now finished).

3 Septavius/3 Troom/1 Chest/5 Forges


May as well to give it to my Bard. Or sacrifice it for something else.





mood :cry:


I’m rather confused.


He really wants a concertina and it’s kinda like me never getting an anointed robe


You did @ him. This was your doing, monsieur. La granouille est triste. Your fault! I hope you’re happy now.


Yep I wasn’t referring to his mood I was referring to Kermit’s :wink:




I solo’d a Cult.

A spare! Too bad it isn’t that interesting…but, we take those.


I don’t speak french


Me who just fed 4 of them: ._.


Not really the skin I want but I will take it.

TY @Mizumi :smiley:


Episode of uh I can’t-keep-track-on roller coaster moment after losing my not-so-stacked Bard to O2’s Sun Phase.

On a petless Knight. Didn’t type “I call Bloody Cloak” this time but I got it.


after some more grinding, finally got the last part of the set (gonna test it now) … it had to be my fat rogue the one to get it :joy: (was really missing the original bag sprites)


cool havent gotten one of these in ages

(ignore the fact i havent played in ages.)


Fun getting a new white from a new dungeon. I didn’t read into the dungeon at all or on what drops from it so it was 100% unspoiled for me.


That’s looks nice


EZ forge material.

Didn’t expect to get my 4th one that quick.

1/5/8/3 Holy Jesus, what is my Anointed luck RN?


You all have no idea how excited I am about this anointed robe.

Npe luck lol