The White Bag Thread v3


gonna google how 2 survive fractal phase without spamming all of my hp pots brb


You don’t survive it you go to side where there aren’t fractals. I’m shocked you did it even with hp pots.




Ey, that’s my 1st overall endgame white that I got.


literally me yesterday

i dont even like priest that much…


just make a super stacked priest with all of them, then die stupidly with it


That’s gonna be me lol, have fungal, t6, necronomicon, puri, pain, and merlot.


Not me. For my Priest I would take

Tiered Wand/CWand, T6 Tome/Puri, GSorc/Tlatoani Shroud, UBMP/Def


I’m just saying those items are the ones I have for tomes


I know


A B2B Armor? Both from the same Assassin. Oh yeah, used one of them on my petless Ninja.

Never realize that I can get another one without raiding LH.

EP from Limon when???


umm what the fuck


yes i am aware exp ring is a cyan dont bully


ok wtf is going on?



9th complete, first oryx white!

Also my first dammah complete!

I had a smooth brain moment and took the screenshot while tabbed on my backpack, shield is in my inv when this was taken

I said “SHIELD F*CK” because I’ve heard a lot of hate towards it, but after playing with it, I really love it, It’s a very fun item



gamma is going to be upset


I log on for five minutes and already get an event white.

It’s the same color as I already had, but hot dang I’ll take it :'3