The White Bag Thread v3


my first deca drop :smile:


Actually my first Ray. That’s right, I got 2 juggs and 2 oreos before getting a single ray. Still need ogmur, trap, conflict and cloak.



After dying with it on my 8/8 Wiz.

Was spamming UDL to stock up Wis in case I need them. 7 dudes in total raided that UDL, everyone else left as if TRoom does not exist.

3 Septavius/4 TRoom/1 Chest/0 Prismimic/ 3 Forges

When leveling (as a spare Wiz). At the end, got trash HP roll and rerolled again.

Another FP.


Neat, an extra.
The only notable loot from the two (2) LoDs I ran this event, unfortunately 8(


I swear they buffed drop rates or smth, first lod of event I got two indomptables. Two lods later I got helm.


You know what this means.

2 Events/1 Convert/0 Courts.

Full cleared Manor gave me another of this.

Finally Trident from Thessal. Somefing beside just CBow eh?

1 Thessal/0 Chests/0 MBoxes

Now a new white from Cult.

1 Malus/0 Chests/0 Forge.


Gimme trident :frowning:


Something new now. But sacri’ed it for Demon Blade.

Got a pog HP roll and this as a bonus.



woot woot first day back and i get a colo

more loots



hey all! been a while :^)

You know, I’ve never had a whole ST set before. Hoping to get that soon !


Dang your white star now


Eh… could be saved up for Shrine Priestess but this doesn’t hurt.

TY @ Awsad

Almost died from that solo but another forge material.



Double seeltana moment úwù


From a nice lil’ Nest, duo finish with ZYNK :3

Though more for collecting than actual usage, I decided to spare myself the trouble of farming Thickets for one eternity.
Obligatory @PhantomMod ping :^3


Yoooooo that’s one of the skins I’ve been wanting for a long time! I got the baby djinja skin, so I’m not complaining, though haha :slight_smile:



my second shield, time for some fun :slight_smile:


A reserve-reserve!

Ah yes, the better exa spd orb :^3

And that’s the third piece! All that’s left for me to get to finish the set is the ring, and then I can get a copy of the bow and armor :3